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Are Basset Hounds Big Chewers?

I have a basset hound, and recently it started chewing my stuff. I’m not sure if this is typical for this breed. But I, as owner, need to discover are basset hounds big chewers. And how to stop this behavior.

With a free hour on my breakfast break, I decided to investigate this matter. Here is what I found.

Are Basset Hounds Big Chewers?

Are Basset Hounds Big Chewers?
Are Basset Hounds Big Chewers? 3

Basset hounds are big chewers. When your basset hound is anxious, bored, or growing teeth, it may be enticed to chew on different items around the home. Providing the basset hound with direction and keeping them away from the valuable things you do not want to be destroyed can help. Providing suitable toys for your basset hound and spending time with them is also a good option.

A basset hound can be a big chewer. This does depend on the specific breed and what your basset hound enjoys doing. However, many species like to chew to some extent. Basset hound owners will need to watch their basset hounds and see if they chew through items. Then, come up with a course of action if the basset hound starts to chew frequently.

Other times, your basset hound may only chew when it is anxious about something, or some situation makes them nervous. Spending time with your basset hound and petting them, and reassuring them is one of the best ways to get the chewing to stop if this is the main cause of the issue.

Often a basset hound will chew because they are bored. If you notice that the chewing happens when you leave the basset hound alone at home for more extended periods, then this is the most likely culprit. Keeping your basset hound active when you are home and providing them with lots of toys to play with when you are not home is one of the best methods to deal with this. When your basset hound is not bored, it is less likely to cause problems with chewing.

What Are The Health Benefits of Chewing For a Basset Hound?

Are Basset Hounds Big Chewers
Are Basset Hounds Big Chewers? 4

One of the most prominent health benefits of chewing for a basset hound is to their teeth, mouth, and jaw. Chewing in your basset hound promotes strength and cleanliness.

Dog breeds that don’t brush their teeth regularly will benefit the most of chewing bones.

Dental health is promoted through toys meant to clean their teeth. A basset hound pup will also benefit the most during teething as chewing relieves pain, discomfort, and pressure.

Specific teething toys may be an excellent option for your basset hound. When your basset hound chews, then it can handle the stress better. With an outlet, like chewing a toy, the basset hound can release its anxiety of stress.

This chewing helps your basset hound in situations that it cannot control. For instance, chewing can take its mind off the sounds and flashing during thunderstorms or other scary situations.

Aside from this, it may relax them a bit, so they will not be scared the next time. Chewing provides mental stimulation, which your basset hound needs in its daily life.

We often forget that our basset hound babies need this type of exercise that should always be acknowledged daily. Toys designed for this purpose provide entertainment for your basset hound and keep its mind sharp throughout its life.

Mental stimulation helps keep older basset hound pups feeling young and potentially living longer. Also, there are even help benefits for its human family.

However, chewing on a toy can provide less stress for pet parents as the basset hound is less likely to chew something important in the house.

How Do I Prevent My Basset Hound From Chewing?

Sometimes your basset hound may have a problem chewing on items around your home. There are a few things that you can consider doing to curb the behavior and get it to stop without having everything ruined.

Always keep in mind that punishing your basset hound and yelling at them will not help in this situation, contrary it just makes your basset hound pup aggressive. To ensure that your basset hound does not chew frequently on everything, consider these basic tips:

It is best to stop your basset hound from chewing on anything it wants around the home. Giving your basset hound-approved toys for chewing is acceptable. This will help the basset hound get out those urges for chewing and keep all of the items in your home safe and protected.

Here are more explanations on how to stop your basset hound from chewing

1. Use behavior adjustment

There is likely a reason why your basset hound pup is chewing on things, so give them something they can chew on. When your basset hound tries to chew on your furniture or some of your favorite pairs of shoes, you need to have a specific toy that it is allowed to chew on again. Then you can redirect the basset hound’s attention to chew on the item you want instead.

After the basset hound listens to you and starts chewing on the approved object rather than on the item you don’t want them to chew on. You should show praise and commend the basset hound on being good. This helps your basset hound associate the excellent reaction to chewing on its favorite item. If you are consistent with this, your basset hound will stop chewing on the furniture, your shoes, or anything else and will only chew on the item you approved of.

2. Keep the basset hound pup busy

It is common for the basset hound and other breeds to start chewing when it gets boring. If you leave them home alone often for work and allow them to have free roam of the home, then your basset hound may get bored and look for something to do. This is also a way for your basset hound to let out some of that energy. You need to do something if you want to help keep your basset hound busy and prevent them from getting bored.

An excellent thing to consider is to take the basset hound for a walk before you have to go to work or leave them alone. A long walk will wear them out, and your basset hound may take a nap when you leave. This may take up some of the time you are gone and leave less room for boredom. Playing with your basset hound pup and doing other activities to keep them busy can help.

In addition to a good walk for your basset hound when trying to keep them busy, consider leaving lots of toys out for them when you plan to go. This gives them some options to choose from so your basset hound is not left to its own devices. Having them stay in a single area of the home can prevent your basset hound from chewing too.

3. Crate training

If your basset hound likes to chew on a lot of things, it may be time to bring them in some crate training. When you are not at home all day with your basset hound, a crate can help to keep the behavior of chewing down to a minimum. This crate is a home for your basset hound. It will limit the amount of access the basset hound will have to the rest of the house.

Your basset hound needs some time to get trained on using a crate and how all of this works. But when you are done, your basset hound will consider this their safe spot and are less likely to cause issues or wander around the house and chew on things. When you are done with training, you will find that the basset hound will enjoy staying in the crate when you are gone.

4. Aversion sprays

This is a method that will work only when you are at home. If you are at home and notice that your basset hound tends to chew on certain items like rugs, carpets, and couches, then you can use an aversion spray to help with this. Bitter apple is one of the best ways because it provides a bit of irritant to your basset hound to get them to stop and stay away from the item it wan to chew on, without harming them.

You may need to use the aversion spray a few times to get it to work. Add a “No” behind it to help your basset hound learn that you do not like chewing, and the basset hound is not recommended to do that any longer. With consistency and sticking with this, you will indeed find that the aversion spray will leave a bad taste and smell in the mouth of your basset hound, and it will stay away from chewing on objects as well.

Your basset hound may chew on almost everything around the home. While all chewing is terrible, it is essential to remember never to let them chew on your toes and fingers. This will never be tolerated and could result in more significant issues down the road. As soon as your basset hound starts to do this, it is time to discipline them. Look for professional help if the basset hound isn’t stopping this behavior.

How do I choose a suitable chew toy for my Basset Hound?

There is no right or wrong toy for your basset hound. Choosing a few chew toys of good quality, durable, and designed to delight and stimulate your basset hound is often the best option.

The chew toy should not resemble something in the household, like some animal. This may confuse your basset hound as it will not necessarily know the difference between the toy and off-limits.

Toys always need to be durable. It will help if you select brands or if you use reliable websites. Always choose toys with high reviews or some that seem fun to you.

The most important thing is that you don’t always get suitable toys. Many households have toys that they don’t get played with often. With time the pet parents will learn what type of toys its basset hound likes best.

In the meantime, always keep your basset hound fun and exciting. For basset hound pups, there are toys that serve for teething that work best.

Chewing is a natural part of a basset hound’s life. With a bit of patience, creativity, and understanding, chewing can be a regular part of its life. This is important as it has many benefits for the basset hound.


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