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Are Basset Hounds Hyper? (Explained!)

I love basset hounds, and I love spending time outdoors with them doing different things. For that reason, I chose a basset hound. What I didn’t know about this breed is if the basset hounds are ever hyper or if they are just always energetic and hardworking.

I spend a great deal of time working and going on adventures with my basset hound. Although I can accept a great deal of energy and fun in my furry companion, I don’t want to deal with a hyper dog. So I did some investigating first to learn more about this breed. Here is what I found.

Are Basset Hounds Hyper?

Are Basset Hounds Hyper?
Are Basset Hounds Hyper? (Explained!) 3

Basset hounds are not hyper, but they are active. They love to play and be outdoors, but they are just as happy and relaxing indoors. However, Basset hounds can become hyper if their need for activity, energy, and stimulation is ignored. Also, basset hounds require much work, energy, and exercise to feel physically and mentally content.

If its need to activity is not met, its behavior can become problematic and display hyper behavior. Training can help you manage this issue should it arise, but it is better to have a plan for your basset hound and its day.

This breed was bred to work, and it loves nothing better than having a job to do. If your basset hound doesn’t have a job to do, finding tasks that can help with or activities it can engage in will help temper hyperactivity.

Aside from this, your basset hound will also need room to roam as it won’t deal well in apartments or confined spaces. If that happens, your basset hound could display destructive or harmful behaviors.

Without proper training and good outlets for their mental and physical energy, the basset hound like any other breed will display negative behaviors like hyperactivity. Therefore it is best to create the right lifestyle for your basset hound before this problem shows up.

Hyperactive behavior can happen to any dog breed. While the basset hound needs more activity than another dog breeds, no one dog is immune to this.

The best approach is to meet your basset hound needs. If this is done, there is less chance to happen negative behaviors in the first place.

What Does It Mean For A Dog To Be Hyper

Are Basset Hounds Hyper
Are Basset Hounds Hyper? (Explained!) 4

If your dog is hyper it means that it is overexcited somehow and unable to control itself.

Many dog breeds may behave in a hyper manner but not indeed be hyper. For instance, they might get overly excited and act out this emotion when they see their favorite pet parent (or family member).

Furthermore, they might jump up and down on them or dance around in a circle showing how happy they are.

Being hyper means that dogs can not control their actions because of the way they feel. Any dog breed can be out of control and struggle with difficulty managing its emotions and responses to the world around them.

That being said, a tired dog is usually less likely to act out on its emotions. Likewise, regardless of breed, a dog with enough physical exercise and mental stimulation is less likely to behave in a hyper manner.

It can be challenging for dog breeds like the basset hound to reach that level of energy and exhaustion if you are not prepared to do that already in your own life.

Therefore, the basset hound is not for those who want to play hard, work hard and live an adventurous lifestyle.

Pet owners who are busy and have a lot to do, whether for business or pleasure, naturally keep things exciting and fresh. This may prevent boredom, which is often one most common reasons why dogs become hyper.

What Causes Hyperactive Behavior in Dogs?

Many things such as breeding and a need for more activity to lifestyle can cause hyperactive behavior. Stress, diet, sleep, exercise, emotional state, health, and boredom can all contribute to the onset of hyperactivity in basset hounds.

Some breeds may be prone to hyperactivity, while others rarely ever suffer. The basset hound can tend to suffer more if its needs are not met. Also, other factors can cause this issue to show up as well.

For example, boredom or loneliness might cause the basset hound to become hyperactive. However, life stress, lack of sleep, or exercise can cause hyperactivity to show up as well.

Diet and overall health can also play a part in whether or not a basset hound becomes hyperactive.

Each dog breed is unique, and some species will suffer more than others. The best way to prevent a basset hound from being hyperactive is to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. This is done by considering the whole breed, inside and out.

Ensure that your basset hound is eating enough healthy food and sleeping enough. Your basset hound also needs enough exercise and work, social time, love, and as stress-free a lifestyle as possible.

How Can I Avoid Getting My Basset Hound Hyper?

There are a few specific situations that you as a pet owner can avoid to help reduce hyper behavior. You can do this by entertaining your basset hound and interacting with it.

The first and most common is boredom. Beyond the typical providing enough mental and physical stimulation for your basset hound, boredom will cause any breed to act up or act out and misbehave.

The basset hound is an intelligent dog breed. Therefore they may show signs of boredom if left to their own devices for a while. Having exciting toys and activities throughout the day, both physical and mental will reduce boredom. It may also be helpful to change the activities up from time to time so boredom does not set in.

Having a trusted and likable caregiver can mean a lot for you and your basset hound when it comes to boredom. However, it can be common for this breed to be wary of strangers that they do not know well.

Suppose that you must use this option. In that case, you need to be patient, so the basset hound can get to know and accept the caregiver as they will become a part of the basset hound’s pack and family.

Lastly, situations to avoid may be different for each dog breed. Any problems that appear to cause stress in your basset hound or make them hyper or nervous are best to avoid.

One of the best ways to do this is to know your basset hound well. Know who it is, not just genetically and historically as a breed, but also who it is individually. This makes it easier to understand what motivates them and where their challenges are. Furthermore, comprehending them aids in the reduction of negative behavior traits such as hyperactivity.

How Can I Calm Down My Basset Hound If They Become Hyperactive?

Now that we know some of the most common reasons why your basset hound is hyper, it is time to learn how to get them to calm down. You will need to put in a little work to help your basset hound calm down if it has managed to hype itself up.

Here are some of the things that you can do to help your basset hound to calm down

1. Take your basset hound on a walk

One of the best ways to keep your basset hound calm is to get them out to exercise. The more movement it can enjoy, the better for everyone. A good walk is a good option because it gets you up and moves you, gets your basset hound out of the home, and also can be an excellent way to bond. And it is very effective at wearing your basset hound out. Try out a new trail or have some fun in an old favorite way and do something that is good for both of you.

One walk a day with your basset hound is the minimum to help them. If you don’t have enough time, consider doing one walk in the morning and one in the evening. These can be a little shorter but can make it more manageable to get your basset hound outside and moving. It may be more effective than one long walk with your dog. Half an hour twice a day can wear out your basset hound and helps you get them calmed down.

2. Give your basset hound a new game to play

Sometimes your basset hound just needs a chance to work that brain and try something new. If you have already tried taking them to get more exercise, then it may be time to see if you can develop a new game that will get your basset hound’s mind to work better.

Training your basset hound with a new trick is an excellent way to give them some attention, too, and the kids can also get involved in this. Or you may use a doggy puzzle or another toy that can help do the work for you too.

3. Spend time with your basset hound

Many times your basset hound just wants someone to pay a little bit of attention to them. If you have free time to do this, you can play some games with them and help them to wear out a little bit of their energy. Even ten to fifteen minutes can make a world of difference and will get your basset hound to calm down and not want to bounce around as much as before.

4. Let your basset hound outside to play

If you don’t have time to take your basset hound on a walk or play with them directly, then let them outside to play in the yard. Keep an eye on your basset hound to ensure that it hasn’t escaped or is getting into trouble. This allows them to run about and explore while you finish up things around the house.


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