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Are Basset Hounds Picky Eaters? (Answered!)

Sometimes having a dog who is a picky eater might be difficult. You may worry about whether you are giving your Basset Hound enough food or if there is some other health condition that is wrong with them. But, generally speaking, are basset hounds picky eaters?

Interested, I decided I would do a little research of my own. What I discovered was fascinating.

Are Basset Hounds Picky Eaters?

Are Basset Hounds Picky Eaters?
Are Basset Hounds Picky Eaters? (Answered!) 3

Basset hounds, in general, are not picky eaters. While some breeds can turn their nose up at certain foods, Basset Hounds are not that particular breed. They will always appreciate some variety in their diet, but a sudden change in your Basset Hound’s eating habits is probably a sign of something wrong.

Basset hounds may be picky eaters if their pet parents entertain this behavior and reinforce pickiness by offering many different foods. Also, if you replace perfectly nutritious and healthy basset hound food that your basset hound liked yesterday with something else today because it turned up its nose as it. This may cause your basset hound to become a picky eater.

The basset hound is a breed that enjoys eating a lot and will likely enjoy anything placed in front of them that is healthy or nutritious.

One of the best ways to resolve this issue, whether or not a particular basset hound is a picky eater, is to have a regular eating schedule. This eating schedule may keep them fed and maintain good health without allowing them to start eating everything in sight or eating out of control. This can become a habit that may not make your basset hound obese now.

Still, it is possible later in their life when a basset hound is a senior, and then it can be hard to modify this problem. While basset hounds are not picky eaters, they may prefer certain foods that they may like better than others, just like other breeds.

Basset hounds have quirks like all other breeds, but they are not picky eaters.

What Can I Do If My Basset Hound is a Picky Eater?

However, if you notice that your basset hound is becoming a picky eater and you would like to fix this problem, you can try some of the following:

  • Keep the basset hound in areas with mildly cold temperatures. This may help them to feel more comfortable when eating.
  • Avoid changing where the food station is. Your basset hound likes to stick with its habits and will not want when things change.
  • Give the proper amount of food to the basset hound. Please do not give them too much or too little food. With time, you will get used to how much food the basset hound will eat, and you can make adjustments based on that.
  • Take your basset hound out a few times a day. Sometimes it is easy to forget that your basset hound may want to go out and explore and build an appetite before they decide to eat. Please be patient with them to help them get all that energy out.
  • Recognize that your basset hound does not have an appetite. Just like with humans, there are times when your basset hound is not going to be hungry. As long as there are no signs of weight loss, vomiting, weakness, or pain, this is not a big deal.

You should also consider changing the type of food you offer to your basset hound. Your basset hound may want a specific kind of food. Sometimes, they may like a particular flavor, like soft food or hard food. You may need to go through this and try out a few different types of kibble to see what your basset hound will like the most. Don’t give too many treats to your basset hound.

How Do I Prevent My Basset Hound From Becoming a Picky Eater?

Are Basset Hounds Picky Eaters
Are Basset Hounds Picky Eaters? (Answered!) 4

Preventing your basset hound from becoming a picky eater takes thoughtfulness on the pet parent’s part. Your basset hound should begin with a set schedule for eating and add meals or snacks for energy and strength only when needed.

Here are some steps to prevent your basset hound from becoming a picky eater.

1. Changing its environment

Though feeding your basset hound may sometimes sound like a simple process to do. How you provide your food and even the time you do feedings will sometimes affect how much food your basset hound is willing to eat. You can do a few things to prevent picky eating behavior in your basset hound create and stick with a consistent feeding routine. To set this schedule, you need to do the following:

  • Always set and stick with a mealtime schedule. Being a few minutes each day is not a big deal, but if supper is at six o’clock, you need to serve it as close to 6 as possible.
  • Allow the food to stay out for a while. If your basset hound knows it can come back and eat all through the night, then your basset hound may not eat when it should. It will help if you never leave the food out for more than 15 to 20 minutes.
  • If your basset hound does not seem interested in eating anything, take away the bowls rather than leave them out.
  • Do not offer your basset hound any extra treats or food until the next schedule.

It may take a lot of time for your basset hound to get used to the new eating schedule and not have many threats throughout the day. But, if you stick with these rules, your basset hound will learn when eating time is and may become less picky about its food.

2. Avoid giving snacks to your basset hound

It is essential to limit how many snacks your basset hound is allowed to have during the day. Your basset hound may be a picky eater because they are getting too much food from you in the form of threats or table scraps during the day. It is sometimes hard to feel hungry for your regular food if you are full of all of the snacks during the day. You can give a few treats for training. But, if your basset hound is really becoming a picky eater, then it may be time to cut out the snacks completely.

Be responsible and try to limit the number of snacks that you give to your basset hound between meals. These may only fill them up. If you plan to train your basset hound by using treats, break big treats up into a lot of small pieces and minimize how many they have. There are treats that are leaner and will not fill the basset hound up as much as others. These are excellent options to choose from if your basset hound does not seem to want to eat their supper.

3. Give your basset hound lots of exercises

Your basset hound needs a lot of exercise during the day to help them stay happy and active. If your basset hound is stuck inside all day while you are at work or school, then it may be a good idea to take your basset hound out for a long walk and for a run to expend some energy and offer them the exercise they require. This will not make your basset hound a little bit happier, but it can prevent behavioral issues and will help them to improve their appetite.

It is essential to give your basset hound lots of activity throughout the day. If your basset hound is not eating enough, it may not be moving around enough during the day to build up that appetite. If you have time, play with your basset hound a few times during the day and go on several long walks to help them get that movement in. When your basset hound gets those muscles up and moving, it will be more ready to eat something delicious at supper time.

4. Give your basset hound different types of food

Basset hounds may become picky about the types of food that they will consume. You may have some of the best dog food around, but if something bothers your basset hound, it will not eat it. In this case, you need to be patient with your basset hound and try out a few different types of foods to see what will work best for your basset hound.

You should give your basset hound a few days from each type of food, so your basset hound has a chance to taste it and make a decision. Even if your basset hound sometimes turns their nose down at it the first day, give it to them a few times to see whether they warm up to it. If you try a few types of hard food without any luck, then move over to trying some soft food and see if they like the texture of that kind of food instead.

Will a picky Basset Hound starve?

A picky basset hound will not starve itself. Your basset hound will eat something that you offer if it is hungry. Also, you need to check their teeth to ensure there are no dental diseases that may prevent them from eating because it is in pain. Outside of this, your basset hound will eat at some point when it is getting hungry enough.

Some basset hounds like specific textures when you compare them to others. They most often like something softer. You can choose to feed them wet food, which appears to be a popular alternative. If you have some hard kibble, then consider giving them kibble mixed in with water to help soften it up.

If your basset hound in a particular situation gets picky, then this can be a challenge for you. Every owner likes to have a basset hound that gets along and will do a good job just eating the food that you give them. But your basset hound has a personality just like you have it. Your basset hound may like some foods and may want to stay away from others. Knowing what your basset hound likes and making adjustments can help.

What do you feed a picky Basset hound?

Some basset hounds will be pickier than others, and you need to work with them a little bit to find the right food for them and get them used to it. Other basset hounds are not going to be as bad. It will take some time to adjust to the food, or your basset hound may not be as hungry as you think it should. You need to be patient and learn what your basset hound likes, and you are set to go.

If your basset hounds become picky eaters, it could be best to keep them on a dog food diet. Treats and human foods can be offered only in small amounts whenever a reward is needed, or a special moment occurs.

If your basset hound sometimes seems to get bored with their dog food, it can be helpful to change up flavors if this is a possible or trade-up brand if this is ok with their veterinarian.

Sometimes minor tweaks to your basset hound’s food, like adding a splash of beef gravy or something tiny, can do the trick to get their interest back again.

If your basset hound is starving, it will eat what it has because it needs that for good health and fills its belly.

Again, your basset hound is not typically a picky eater, but it is always possible for any dog to become one.

A basset hound is generally not picky but does tend to eat a lot. What is more likely to happen in this case is that it will eat its dog food, treats, and anything else offered to them, no fuss, no muss.


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