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At What Age Do Basset Hounds Calm Down?

When you bring a Basset Hound at home for the first time, it may seem like it has too much energy that is hard to control. You will feel worn out with all the running around that you need to do with your Basset Hound. But when will they ever get tired? While your pup bounces around you and you are ready for a nap, you may start to ask, at what age do basset hounds calm down?

So, as a Basset Hound owner, I will try to give you the best possible answers about this topic.

At What Age Do Basset Hounds Calm Down?

At What Age Do Basset Hounds Calm Down?
At What Age Do Basset Hounds Calm Down? 3

On average, Basset Hounds calm down when they are around 2 to 3 years old. At this age, they reach maturity level and they may not have as much energy as they did when they were a puppy. But, with proper exercise and socialization, sticking with a daily routine and regular veterinary checking you will help your Basset Hound to calm down faster.

At the age of two or three, your Basset Hound reaches full maturity, and they are still energetic and ready to take on any new adventure that comes their way. The most common topic for the Basset Hound phase as they learn about their world and everything in it is excitability.

They will grow physically, mentally, and emotionally during the Basset puppy phase. Much of what is developing is going on the inside and may not always be noticeable to you. This can cause hyperactive or overly energetic behavior in your Basset Hound.

Also, if you decide to spray or neuter your Basset Hound, this can be helpful as it can cut down on some of the hyperactive and overly energetic behavior that a Basset Hound has at this time.

For those who choose not to go with this route, the Basset Hound’s energy will calm down with time, and their behavior will also level off.

Aside from that, Basset Hounds may be very energetic during their growth phase and even as adult dogs. This is all-natural during their growth phase, but many owners going through this time may indeed wonder when this behavior will stop.

This phase can sometimes seem like a very long process that will never end, but like everything else, it too will end.

How Do I Calm Down My Basset Hound?

At What Age Do Basset Hounds Calm Down
At What Age Do Basset Hounds Calm Down? 4

You can use different methods to help calm your Basset Hound down. Always keep in mind that these will have varying degrees of success depending on what seems to work the best for your basset hound.

Here are some of the techniques that you can use to help calm your basset hound down:

1. Give your basset hound adequate exercise

Sometimes the best way to deal with a very hyper Basset Hound is to give them the adequate exercise they need to release some of their energy. Basset Hounds are known as active dogs, and as they grow, you need to help them to calm down.

Long walks at least once a day with your Basset Hound can help. Also, you can play games with them, work on training, and even let them run around your backyard a little bit. The more you can wear your basset hound out, the less energy it will have to run around the home and drive you crazy.

2. Reward the calm behavior

Consider rewarding your Basset Hound for any calm behavior that it gives to you. It is often easy for owners to reward the wrong kinds of behavior. This can make your basset hound more excited than they were to start with. Basset hounds are dogs who sometimes get excited naturally, and it is not going to take that much to make them feel excited. You need to take a few steps to avoid engaging with the basset hound and its hyper behavior when this happens.

This sometimes can be frustrating to do. Your basset hound may be acting out, and you surely want to respond to it. But when you respond to this behavior, it can worsen the problem. For example, if you start yelling at your basset hound to stop bouncing and barking, the basset hound may misinterpret what you mean. Instead of seeing this as a scolding, your basset hound may think you are engaging them, and they will keep going on.

Since the basset hound thinks you are engaging, it will continue to get hyper. The more you get mad at them, the more hyper they will become. Instead of letting this happen, try always to ignore the bad behavior.

When your basset hound notices that you are not paying attention, it may stop and calm down. Give them praise and attention as soon as they do this. In this way, you can help them to learn what is acceptable behavior and what is behavior you do not like.

3. Practice crate training

Another option you can use is crate training. This provides a comfortable spot for your basset hound, a place where they can go when they need to take a nap, get a break or when they feel nervous and anxious. You can also use this as a place to help them calm down if they seem to be too hyper and will not calm down.

Never use this as a punishment or a time-out spot for your basset hound. This may defeat the purpose of the area around the crate is meant to be. Instead, help your basset hound get calm when they get there. You can put them near the crate with a few things that you can use to help them fall asleep, such as a blanket or calm music. Sit near them and pet them to calm down. When they seem to calm down, you can let them out.

Keep in mind that some basset hounds may be more hyper than others. You can attempt all of these methods, but it appears that they will not calm down unless they are asleep. Other basset hounds will calm down faster than others. It may all depend on the individual basset hound. Doing these tasks may be a little easier to calm the basset hound down.

How Can I Entertain My Basset Hound Inside The House?

I always want to take my basset hound for some good outdoor fun, but depending on the weather or air quality, it can be tricky to go on long walks or trips to the park safely. It doesn’t mean that basset hounds should be sedentary. There are plenty of ways to stay inside the house and entertain your basset hound physically and mentally.

With a bit of motivation and creativity, your home can quickly be transformed into a canine playground.

Here are some ways you can entertain your basset hound inside the house

1. Makeshift basset hound toys

If there is one thing most basset hound owners know, it’s that you can turn almost any disposable item into a makeshift basset hound toy. Water bottles are one of the easiest. Just fill the bottles with one of their favorite treats and see how long it takes them to get the lid off unless your basset hound decides to go through the bottom.

Using makeshift toys is a fantastic way to keep your basset hound entertained inside the house as they typically get bored with the old ones. You can also often rotate the toys to prevent boredom from creeping. Always try to supervise your basset hound when they are chewing on plastic to make sure you can deal with any potential issues quickly.

2. Use a stuffed kong for your basset hound

This is one of my top basset hound’s chews and favorite things to do when leaving my basset hound at home. Give them a Kong stuffed with banana or peanut butter and your basset hound won’t even realize that you have closed the door behind you. Kongs are great as they are non-toxic, basset-hound-proof, and dishwasher-safe. Just make sure to choose the right ones for your basset hound.

3. Hide treats around your home

Hide treats are a great mental activity for your basset hound because it requires them to use their natural hunting instincts. Because basset hounds have incredible noses, you will need a strategy when hiding treats around the home.

One of the best ways to do this is to scatter some treats in the backyard to keep them briefly out of your way. Then you will need to start hiding treats around your home in areas that are difficult to reach. If you can make sure they do not know you are hiding the treats, the game becomes more exciting for the whole household. Then your basset hound starts to follow their nose and sniff out all the pieces.

Make sure that you are supervising your basset hound all the time to prevent any scratching or damage to surface areas.

4. Let your basset hound sit by the window

A basset hound can be nosey little beggars, so letting them sit by the window and watch the world go by is a mental activity that many enjoy. Crack the window open slightly; they will love the waft coming in and trying to match the scent to the hound or human.

You can do this when you are at home with them to supervise and control any barking at passers-by.

5. Teach your basset hound new tricks

Teaching your basset hound new tricks is a great way to keep them entertained inside the house. It can be as simple or complex as you want and it will keep your basset hound engaged for a long time.

Also learning all of these new tricks can be mentally draining for your basset hound, guaranteeing a long snooze when you are done.

6. Play the cup game

They are not the most patient of breeds, but basset hounds can be capable of playing along with the cup game. All you need for this is a treat or bit of food placed under one cup, with two further cups that are empty( all upside down), and then shuffle them around.

The goal here is to train your basset hound to identify which cup has a reward underneath by getting them to indicate with their nose or if they are super trained with their paw.

7. Pick the hand

This is similar to the cup game, but your basset hound now has better odds of finding the treat. All you need to do here is hide a treat in one of your hands and then extend your arms out together to see which one they pick. Although the reward is finding the treat itself, be sure to praise them simultaneously to reinforce the rules of this game.

Try to use less smelly treats to make this game a little trickier for your basset hound.

8. Teach the names of their toys

This is probably an advanced skill for basset hounds, but it’s not entirely impossible. All you need is a bunch of their toys ( always start with their favorite) and then begin to repeat their names. This will take time to get right, but it will be worth all the hard work once they catch on.

9. Give your basset hound ice treats

One of the excellent ways for your basset hound to enjoy a little longer is to freeze its favorite treats. One of the best things you can use is liver cake pieces which are still deliciously smelly enough when encased in ice.

Frozen carrots or apple slices are also healthy, slightly longer-lasting snacks. Just be sure not to give to your basset hound ice treats when the weather is hot. This can be harmful to your basset hound suffering from heatstroke.

10. Give them a treat dispenser

This is another excellent treat-related game. As basset hounds are extremely food-obsessed, giving them mental stimulation games like treat dispensers or puzzles can keep them occupied for hours.

All you need is a few of your basset hound’s favorite treats, and then place them in the ball or puzzle. You can use anything as long as it closes properly to contain all the food inside. This is one of the most indestructible and basset-hound-proof treat dispensers.

Do Basset Hounds Calm Down After Being Neutered

Basset hounds do calm down after being neutered in puberty-related hyperactive behaviors such as roaming, urine marking, and mounting. However, neutering your basset hound won’t reduce its energy levels, and a lack of exercise will cause basset hounds to be overly rambunctious as puppies and adults.

Neutering your basset hounds has many benefits for their health. It is considered a simple solution to curbing a basset hound’s excessive excitability and aggression. However, many basset hound owners have questions about what to expect from this procedure and how their pet’s temperament might change after neutering.


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