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The #1 Guide For Basset Hound Owners! – [eBook]

Basset Hound Care Made Simple!

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Raising a healthy and happy Basset Hound can be an enjoyable process if you know the right way to do it.

Unfortunately, if you search for answers online, you will get confused after 10 minutes of searching. I have been there too.

That’s why I gave myself the task to write the Ultimate Guide For Basset Hounds with tips and advices from top veterinarians across the USA.

Don’t Worry. I am going to give you ALL OF MY SECRETS!

Take it to the next level! Stop wondering what to do and become a Basset Hound ninja!

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Here’s a shortlist of some of the topics covered:

  • Is a Basset Hound the right type of dog for your lifestyle?
  • What to expect from a Basset Hound breeder or rescue group?
  • How to puppy-proof your home for your new addition.
  • Effective training methods for Basset Hounds.
  • The history of the Basset Hound breed.
  • Challenges of living with a scent-driven hound.
  • How to chose the right Basset Hound for you.
  • How to set up rules and boundaries.
  • Best practices for grooming your Basset Hound.
  • Diet and nutrition specialized for Basset Hounds.
  • Exercising and Training your stubborn Basset Hound.
  • Caring for an elder Basset Hound

AND A LOT MORE! This eBook has 131 pages filled with knowledge!

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