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Do Basset Hounds Bond With One Person?

My wife and I recently adopted a Basset Hound. He is adorable and showed signs of loyalty right away, but I am suspecting that he likes my wife more than he likes me. I mean, we both want our Basset Hound to feel comfortable with both of us. Not sure if this is a breed characteristic.

We also want our Basset Hound to get along with our children. So, my wife and I had to do research and find out do Basset Hounds bond with one person only. Read on to find out.

Do Basset Hounds Bond With One Person?

Do Basset Hounds bond with one person?
Do Basset Hounds Bond With One Person? 3

No, the Basset Hound is a dog breed that can bond with more than one person, especially if the other persons are involved in feeding, walking, and playing with the Basset Hound. Basset Hounds tend to bond with the whole family and develop a loving and individualized connection with each family member.

Back in the day when Basset hounds were hunting dogs, they had a strong connection with their owner. They were bred that way so they can listen only to their owner when hunting in the woods. But, over time, the famous hunting dogs became luxury house pets. Now, Basset Hounds can and will bond with all family members.

Basset Hounds are a loyal, friendly, and loving breed that enjoys human company and cuddling. Many people choose to get a Basset hound because of their big loving heart. Even though Basset Hounds don’t do well as working dogs, they make a great emotional support companion.

You can win the Basset’s heart through his belly. This means that the Basset hound will form a bond with everyone that feeds him, treats him well, takes him for walks, and takes care of all of his needs. This makes the Basset hound a perfect family dog.

How Affectionate Are Basset Hounds?

Basset Hounds need an owner that is committed and dedicated to them. With the proper care, the Basset Hound will show love, devotion, and loyalty towards everyone who is involved in their life. Basset Hounds are capable of building strong bonds with more than one person if they are given the attention and love they deserve.

Due to their lack of energy, Basset Hounds have a very unique way of showing their affection towards their owners. They will sit in your lap, cuddle with you, and sleep with you.

Many people think that just because Basset Hounds are lazy and low-energy dogs, they show no love toward their owners. On the contrary, they might not be able to follow you on a run, but they will most definitely use every chance they have to cuddle with you.

How To Know If Your Basset Hound Has Formed an Attachment With You

Do Basset Hounds Like To Cuddle
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It doesn’t take much for a Basset Hound to form a special connection with you and your family members. But, many people are eager to know when their Basset formed an attachment with them. To ease your eagerness, I will share some signs that will tell your Basset Hound has formed an attachment with you:

1. Uninterrupted eye contact

In basic obedience training, the first thing that your Basset Hound will learn is eye contact. To be honest, eye contact is a challenge that dog owners celebrate when their dog succeeds in it. On the other hand, uninterrupted eye contact with your Basset Hound is very meaningful.

So when your Basset Hound starts making direct eye contact with you and it is longer than 5 seconds, it is a clear sign of affection towards you. It is the same with humans. We avoid eye contact with people that scare us or make us nervous, but we can’t keep our eyes away from the ones that we love.

2. Relaxed around you

Basset Hounds are relaxed and easygoing dogs by nature, but trust me, if they are scared of you, they won’t be very relaxed around you. So, if your Basset hound feels safe, he will be relaxed when in your presence.

They might even show excitement accompanied by lots of barking when you come home from work. This is a clear sign that your Basset Hound has formed an attachment with you. You are doing great, keep going.

3. Coming to you when you call him

Basset Hounds love to wander around and chase everything that moves. They will start running as soon as let them off the leash and will act as hunting dogs. Training your Basset Hound to come to you can be very challenging simply because they are very stubborn and independent dogs.

But, if your Basset Hound comes to you immediately after you called him or her, that means that the obedience training went well and that the Basset has formed an attachment with you. They are all about pleasing their owners and obeying your commands is a great way to do it.

4. Your Basset carries your shoes around the house

When your Basset Hound forms an attachment with you, he might start to carry your belongings around the house. They will start to carry your shoes or clothes as a sign of affection. Veterinarians say that dogs express how much they love their owners by carrying their stinky clothes, the more stink, the more love.

I know that seeing your Basset hound carrying your shoes filled with drool is not very nice, but it is cute! However, anything excessive can be bad. This means that if your Basset exaggerates with this behavior, he might be suffering from separation anxiety and you have to deal with it.

5. Always complete your commands

If your Basset Hound responds to your commands as soon as you give them out, it is clear that he has formed an attachment with you.

Many dog trainers recommend that going through obedience training with your Basset Hound will make your bond stronger. I can say that this is correct. My Basset loved me, but we kind of formed a stronger bond when we went through training sessions.

It is important that your Basset Hound listens to your commands. They are sloppy and will chase anything, not carrying if they are crossing a busy street. Calling them and they actually coming can save them from harmful scenarios.

6. Can’t get enough of your physical affection

Your Basset Hound will enjoy your hugs, petting, and snuggling and will come back for more. Not being able to get enough of your physical affection is a sure sign that your Basset hound has formed an attachment with you.

It is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your Basset hound through hugging and petting. Take advantage of your situation and enjoy your time with your dog.


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