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Do Basset Hounds Get Along With Cats?

Basset Hounds are intelligent, but are they intelligent enough to get along with your pet cat? If you are a person that has a pet cat and wants to get a Basset hound, you probably want to know if Basset hounds get along with cats.

Do Basset Hounds Get Along With Cats?

Do Basset Hounds Get Along With Cats?
Do Basset Hounds Get Along With Cats? 4

Basset hounds get along with cats, but they do have strong prey-chasing instincts and might confuse a small cat with prey. So, if you have a very tiny cat, you might want to supervise the playground until your Basset learns that the tiny cat is not prey.

Basset Hounds are known for their friendly, loyal, and easygoing personalities. While this breed may get along with cats just fine if they have grown up together from a puppy, it is not necessarily a guarantee.

Basset hounds are smart enough to distinguish cats from the prey, but at the beginning, you will have to be very careful because sometimes mistakes happen. Usually, small cats and hamsters are in the gray area, whereas an adult cat is safe from the Basset Hound.

If a cat and Basset Hound are introduced as adults then it is important to introduce the two pets slowly in controlled environments until you can be sure they get along safely.

Basset Hound Prey-Chasing Instinct

How To Teach Your Basset Hound To Come
Do Basset Hounds Get Along With Cats? 5

Basset hounds have a prey-chasing instinct buried in their DNA and they might confuse a small house pet cat with prey and hurt it. That is why it’s important that you slowly introduce your small pet to your Basset hound and supervise the playground in the beginning.

Have you ever wondered why your Basset Hound loves chasing prey so much? The answer is very simple, it’s in their DNA!

Basset Hounds were bred as hunting dogs. Back in the day, they will spend hours and hours chasing prey in the forests, conquering obstacles, and digging holes.

Those days are far behind them, but from time to time, whenever they see a squirrel running in the backyard, their instincts kick in and they start chasing the prey. With proper training, you can teach your Basset hound not to run away every time he sees a small creature running.

Cat-Training Your Basset Hound

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Basset hounds are like humans. Some really enjoy meeting strangers, while others prefer their own company. In general, Basset hounds enjoy the company of cats and dogs. But, how great your Basset hound gets along with cats, also depends on the cat.

Some dog breeds have a natural proclivity for getting along with cats, some require a little bit of training. This type of training is referred to as ”socializing”.

Socializing your Basset hound is intuitive. Everybody gets nervous around new people and that includes your Basset hound. The more time you spend socializing with your Basset hound, the less nervous he will be.

A Basset hound that never had contact with cats before, won’t be able to socialize right away. Just like home-schooled kids on their first day at public school.

According to the American Kennel Club, Basset hounds are most open to learning and socializing in their first 3 months. But, you have to make sure that your pup knows the sit, stay, and leave commands.

Here is how to cat-train your Basset Hound:
  1. Make sure your Basset hound knows the sit, stay, and leave commands just in case their first interaction with a cat goes wrong.
  2. The first interaction between the basset hound and a cat has to be brief. It should be only 5 to 10 minutes long. Let them size each other. Be present and on alert at all times.
  3. If your basset hound shows any signs of aggression, immediately tell him ”no”. If he doesn’t stop after the ”no”, take the kitten and leave.
  4. Try again tomorrow. Cat-training your basset hound might take weeks, so don’t rush things.
  5. Put your basset hound on a leash and let him interact with the cat. Keep him on a close leash, especially if he showed signs of aggression in the first interaction. Give him commands like sit or stand throughout the interaction just to make sure that your dog listens to you.
  6. Allow the two animals to interact with each other until both the basset hound and the cat stops showing signs of aggression. If everything goes well, give them both treats.
  7. Remember, Basset hounds can weigh up to 70 pounds and can pose a threat to a tiny kitten. He might stomp the poor kitten by accident.

Helpful Cat Training Tips For Basset Hounds

  1. If you have a cat and you want to adopt a Basset hound, ask the shelter worker if the dog has had any interactions with a cat before and how did he behave.
  2. Bring your cat with you when choosing a Basset to adopt or buy and see how they react to each other.
  3. Spray or neuter your Basset hound before they reach puberty and its dominant behavior towards your cat will decrease.
  4. Basset hounds respond well to positive reinforcement and lots of dog treats. Give them verbal praise throughout the whole interaction and reward them for their good behavior.

Related Questions

Are Basset Hounds good family dogs? Basset hounds are great family dogs and many people choose them for a good reason. Bassets are intelligent, loyal, and easy-going dogs that get along great with humans, dogs, and cats. They are well-behaved and will play with children of all ages.

Do Basset Hounds get along with children? A well-socialized Basset Hound will get along just fine with kids, but there are always a few exceptions. A curious child may try to carry, throw, and even hit the Basset hound and he might respond with barking or worse. You have to supervise the playground at all times.

Do basset hounds chase cats? In general, Basset hounds don’t chase cats, but they might confuse a small cat as prey. Basset hounds usually chase squirrels, rabbits, or mice and if you have a tiny kitten that resembles the above three animals, the basset hound might confuse it for prey and chase it.

Can basset hounds live with cats? A well-socialized Basset hound who is introduced to cats in his early days will most definitely get along with cats and will consider them as family members. An adult Basset hound might confuse a small kitten with prey, but with proper cat training, they will get along just fine.


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