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How Long After Eating Do Basset Hounds Poop?

Once your basset hound is done eating, it will likely spend a little time outside to relieve itself and poop. But how long after eating do basset hounds poop?

Each basset hound has a different schedule for this, but learning how to predict this will make it easier to help your basset hound get outside when needed. You are surely curious to know how long after eating basset hound poop.

How Long After Eating Do Basset Hounds Poop?

How Long After Eating Do Basset Hounds Poop
How Long After Eating Do Basset Hounds Poop? 3

Basset hounds will need to poop within 30-45 minutes after they are done eating. It depends on how fast your Basset Hound is eating. Some basset hounds will need to go to the bathroom earlier if they eat faster, but they will usually be done with needing to go poop within that 30-45 minutes.

The basset hound owner will need to take some time to learn the basset hound’s schedule to help them learns when to take the basset hound out so it does not make a mess in the home. This may also be part of the tools that you use to potty train your basset hound.

While each basset hound is slightly different, learning their schedules and what will work best for your basset hound is essential.

On average, your basset hound will need to go to the bathroom 30-45 minutes after it has done eating its meals. This gives the meal enough time to go through its system, and then it will be ready to go outside to relieve itself.

Each basset hound is different, though. Some of them will be able to have the food go through them a little faster and may need to go to the bathroom about 20-30 minutes after it is done eating. This means that you will need to get your basset hound outside earlier.

It is rare for it to take more than 45 minutes for the basset hound puppy to go to the bathroom.

Take some time to learn about the bowel movements of your basset hound. This may sometimes seem silly, but it will help you to know when your basset hound needs to go outside and can make potty training easier when it is ready.

Does My Basset Hound Need To Poop After Each Meal?

How Long After Eating Do Basset Hounds Poop?
How Long After Eating Do Basset Hounds Poop? 4

Yes, your basset hound will need to go outside and poop after each meal. They had some food and probably some water, so they needed to be let out to relieve themselves as well.

This should be part of your routine that you get into with your basset hound to save time and hassle later on. Your basset hound may not need to poop after each meal, so do not be surprised if your basset hound does not need this each time. It still needs to be let out to relieve itself.

Also, basset hounds still poop almost every day so give them some time to wander around outside without feeling rushed. If your basset hound does not poop during the day, then it may need a little more time to roam around the yard to prepare itself for it, so take it easy and do not try to rush them.

When you first bring your basset hound home, It is essential to take them out after eating. This will give them many opportunities to go when it needs it. Start this out when it is fifteen minutes after it eats.

After waiting a bit, you can bring your basset hound in and then try it a few minutes later. Continue this process until your basset hound does go poop and seems done relieving itself.

The good news is that your basset hound is a dog of the habit. Once you get used to when it goes to the bathroom after eating, it will stick with this schedule most of the time. This makes your life a little bit easier and helps your basset hound have time to be outside and use the bathroom.

How many times a day should a Basset Hound poop?

The younger the basset hound is, the more often it needs to go outside to relieve itself because it is smaller. Your basset hound will need to get outside every two to three hours at least. You should also take your basset hound outside after playing, sleeping, and eating.

Consider taking your basset hound on a walk in the morning and night before bed to help wear out some of their energy. Also, consider another walk if you plan to leave your basset hound alone for a longer time during the day. In this way, your basset hound will have a chance to relieve itself.

Basset hound puppies poop a lot. Especially when they are young and growing quickly. This means that you need to be ready for lots of toilet accidents during this time. However, as your basset hound pup matures it will become more regular in its bowel habits. You should expect to see fewer poops throughout the day. But, as long as you are consistent with your training, your basset hound puppy will learn to tell you when it needs to go outside.

As your basset hound pup grows, the frequency of its bowel movements will decrease and you may only see one or two poops a day. However, if it eats a lot of food lately, then there is a bigger chance that it will poop more than usual. Especially when it is awake through the night, after playtime, and shortly before or after eating.

When Should I Let My Basset Hound Out After Eating?

You as the owner will need to learn the signs that your basset hound gives to make sure that you get them out in time. Some basset hounds are ready to go to the bathroom within 15 minutes of their meal. Because they are so small, they can’t hold it in much once the food goes through them.

Other basset hounds may need a bit more time when they finish eating before they are ready to go to the bathroom.

Learn the signs from your basset hound to determine when it will be ready to go poop. Most basset hounds will get on a schedule for this one so you need to rely on that each night.

When your basset hound starts to show some signs that it needs to go to the bathroom, then just let them out right away. To be safe, you need to start taking your basset hound out about 15 to 20 minutes after it eats.

Try not to rush the basset hound when it is outside going to the bathroom. Some basset hounds like to walk around, explore, and prepare before going to the bathroom outside.

If you try to rush them or assume that it does not need to go to the bathroom because it does not go within the first few minutes, then you risk having an accident in your home or having to bring them back out a few minutes later.

Let your basset hound explore and look around before assuming it does not need to go.

What If My Basset Hound Doesn’t Poop After Eating For a Few Days?

Your basset hound will need to poop each day for the most part. There are a few reasons why it may not do this for a few days. Some are serious, while others are not, so it is essential to know what to look for when trying to determine this.

If you notice that your basset hound is not pooping in a few days, and this happens right after your change their diet, then this is likely the culprit. Give your basset hound a few days to adjust, and usually, it will get back on its regular schedule.

Another issue could be environmental stresses. This can be any changes to its food, its shelter, and even some changes in its routine.

These are often going to result in just minor changes to its pooping habits and constipation that your basset hound feel will subside within a few days if this seems to be the problem.

Your basset hound also may be struggling because of dehydration. Severe dehydration is something that you should take seriously, especially when you are working with a dog such as a basset hound. If you worry that it is not drinking enough, then it is time to visit the veterinarian.

Always remember that fiber and regular exercise are necessary to help your basset hound keep a healthy digestive tract throughout its life. You need to take the time to help them go on walks, eat the right things, and play.

You need to encourage your basset hound to drink more fluids, especially if it is getting close to the summertime. If you are still trying all options and your basset hound will not poop, then it is time to take it to the vet.


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