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Are Basset Hounds Dangerous? No, They Are Not

As a family man with little kids, we decided to get a dog that will be a good house pet. We wanted a dog that’s not intimidating, but also not a tiny dog that can be confused with a teddy bear. I showed my wife the Basset Hound breed and the first thing she asked was: ”are basset hounds dangerous?”

Personally, I think that there are no dangerous dogs, but as I did research, it turns out that I wasn’t right. Some dogs just have aggressiveness in their DNA and you should be always prepared for a dangerous scenario. See if Basset hounds are one of those aggressive breeds.

Are Basset Hounds Dangerous?

Are Basset Hounds Dangerous
Are Basset Hounds Dangerous? No, They Are Not 4

Basset Hounds are not dangerous dogs at all. With their personality and temperament, they have a tendency to lick a person instead of attacking them. Unfortunately, even if there is a burglar in your house, he would be welcomed by the Basset Hound which makes them terrible watchdogs.

If you are searching for a dog that is more likely to lay on his back and be ready for a belly rub instead of barking at someone, the Basset Hound is the perfect dog for you.

Personality and temperament make a dog dangerous.

If a dog is unpredictable in its temperament and nature, that means the dog is potentially dangerous. It usually all begins with their breeding. Apart from personality and temperament, many other factors play a role.

What makes a dog dangerous?

  • Personality
  • Temperament
  • Training
  • Socialization
  • Health Issues
  • Environment
  • Stress Level
  • Age

There are many dog breeds that have a historically aggressive background. Their aggressive background combined with bad training, huge stress, and a hostile environment is a recipe for a dangerous dog.

I personally believe that dogs aren’t born dangerous. It’s the neglect and the abuse that makes them dangerous. I mean, if you beat a dog every day, what do you expect him to be? If you neglect him and feed him once a week, he will have no other choice than to chase some smaller animal and eat it.

What Can Make a Basset Hound Dangerous?

Are Basset Hounds Dangerous
Are Basset Hounds Dangerous? No, They Are Not 5

If a Basset Hound or any other dog lives in a stressful environment where he is abused, beaten, and neglected, he can become dangerous over time. Other than that, there are no triggers that will make a perfectly happy basset hound dangerous.

With proper socialization, training, lots of affection, and happiness, there is no way a Basset hound can become dangerous. However, there are many scenarios where other dogs have become dangerous due to some triggers. The triggers could be: a mailman coming to drop mail, the cat scratching their ear, too much playing with kids, and strange sounds.

Even with a non-violent background, as a Basset Hound owner, you should always pay attention to your dog and its behavior, especially if you got your Basset from a rescue center.

Many Bassets suffer from abuse and are left to wonder on the streets. When they are rescued, the rescue center simply doesn’t have enough information about the type of abuse and exactly how much damage it did to the dog. If the previous owner used to beat the Basset with a newspaper each day, your Basset hound might get triggered when he sees you with a newspaper, even though you don’t want to hurt him.

What Are Some Triggers For The Basset Hound That Could Make Them Dangerous?

Fear, as an emotion, is the strongest trigger that can make your Basset Hound dangerous. The fear of being hurt, abused, or attacked can trigger your Basset into becoming dangerously aggressive.

If your Basset Hound was raised as a puppy in a stress-free and loving environment, and when someone threatens that loving environment like an intruder, the Basset might feel the need to defend you. Territorial behavior can sometimes escalate into dangerous tendencies.

Also, health issues can cause a friendly dog like the Basset hound to become aggressive and dangerous. Basset hounds are known to suffer from many medical conditions. If your Basset has joint pain and you accidentally step on it, he might start to bark at you.

What Are The Signs Of a Dangerous Basset Hound?

The most common signs of dangerous basset hounds are snarling, barking, and snapping. Your basset will get into a fight position and will not take his eyes off the target. His tail will also change position from loose to upward position.

Dominant but dangerous dogs will show no sign of their aggression and will suddenly become dangerous. Even though the Basset hound breed is not aggressive, each dog is unique. If for some reason your basset hound becomes dangerous, there will be clear warning signs that something is brewing.

How To Prevent My Basset Hound From Becoming Dangerous?

You can prevent your Basset Hound from becoming dangerous by knowing your dog inside and out. Age plays a huge role in whether or not your Basset will become dangerous. You need to know about their health issues and personality. Learn what they like and dislike. Know what makes them happy and do that.

This continues by also knowing how well they have been trained and where they need extra practice. The more you know your Basset, the easier it will be to stop a dangerous situation, should one occur. Always take care of your dog and don’t let them be hungry or thirsty.

Final Thoughts

There are many dogs that are dangerous and aggressive, but the Basset hound is not a likely candidate. They would much rather accompany you on the couch and take a nap than hurt anyone.

With the proper tools and training, you will grow a happy and loveable basset hound that will lick people instead of attacking them. Just stock up on the treats and make your home puppy-proof and you will have a wonderful time with your Basset hound.

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