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Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train? (Explained!)

Basset hounds are a very sought-after dog that many families would love to have. A lot of people want a dog, but not all of them have the time or resources to properly train one. Before I get my basset hound, I was wondering if basset hounds are easy to train and how to train them. Here are the research and my personal experience that I summarized for you.

Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train?

Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train
Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train? (Explained!) 7

Basset hounds can be fairly hard to train because they have a one-track mind. They are fairly intelligent and independent dogs that were bred to hunt without the company of their handlers. The best way to train a basset hound is to work closely and start while it’s still a puppy.

Basset Hounds are friendly and affectionate dogs, but they can be rather stubborn when it comes to training. Despite this, if given the right amount of time, patience, and positive reinforcement, Basset Hounds can learn a variety of commands and even tricks.

Basset hounds are certainly known for having independent and willful personalities, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they stay stubborn their whole life. If a Basset hound is given consistent and dedicated training, it can become just as obedient and loyal as any other breed of dog.

Patience is key when it comes to training a Basset hound, as long-term results may take some time to manifest themselves. With enough persistence and positive reinforcement from the owner, a Basset hound can eventually learn to be responsive to commands.

The best approach is to start with basic obedience classes as young puppies and build upon that foundation as they grow older – with regular practice, consistency, and reward-based techniques, owners will soon see their Basset Hounds become well-trained family members.

Are Basset Hounds Good For Beginners?

Overall, Basset Hounds are good for beginners. They are sweet and affectionate, but not so easy to train because they are very independent and can sometimes be stubborn. If you are a devoted pet parent that has enough time to train a Basset, you should definitely get one.

If you’re considering a Basset Hound as your first pet, you’ve made an excellent choice. While it’s true that Bassets can be stubborn and relatively independent, such traits just make them all the more fun. Also, thanks to their outgoing personalities, these dogs tend to relate well with people, making them ideal for novice owners.

Their gentleness and loyalty further cement them as great choices for beginner pet parents. Although training may require some patience at times, most Basset Hounds are surprisingly intelligent — once consistency is established in their relationship with you, they’ll pick up commands quickly.

When it comes to food requirements, one of the key aspects of caring for a basset hound is monitoring its diet. This breed’s metabolism is slow compared to other dog breeds, so they can easily become overweight or obese if overfed.

However, with proper meals and snacks designed with the specific traits of this breed in mind, a basset hound can maintain an optimal body size and health.

All in all, Bassets make fantastic companions if you take the time to nurture the bond between yourself and your pet.

Basic Training Tips for Your Basset Hound

Basic Training Tips for Your Basset Hound
Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train? (Explained!) 8

When training your basset hound, the command ”sit” is a great place to start. It is a fairly easy command to use and will lay down the foundation of obedience and learning more difficult commands in the future such as ”lay down” and ”stay”.

The fastest and most effective way to start training your basset hound is by using treats. Basset hounds love eating and food is a big motivating factor for them. You can ease on the treats when you start to notice that your basset hound has reached a certain level of obedience.

You can purchase special training treats for your basset hound at almost any regular pet store. These treats are smaller, and you don’t have to worry about filling your dog up with so many treats. I started off with these treats and then switched to baby carrots. My basset hound loves baby carrots by the way!

Building trust with your basset hound is very important. Basset hounds are willing to listen to someone they feel safe with, someone they see as a master.

The best way to build trust is by spending time with your basset hound. Taking your basset hound on a walk, or in a dog park will make them love and respect you. Make sure to give them hugs and cuddle with them.

You should never use fear as a motivator when training your basset hound. It’s always best to make your dog love you than fear you.

You might get results faster if you try to train them using fear, but in the long run, your basset hound will be more disobedient when you are not around, or could even try to run away when the chance is presented.

You shouldn’t feel discouraged if your basset hound isn’t following your commands right away. Remember, they were bred as hunting dogs without the need for people to guide them. Everything takes time, you just have to make sure to be consistent.

How to Teach Your Basset Hound to Sit

Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train?
Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train? (Explained!) 9

The best way to start teaching your basset hound is to teach him to sit. But how do you teach a basset hound to sit?

”Sit” is the easiest command to teach your basset hound. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. Repetition and reinforcement are key.

  • Start by getting your basset hound’s attention. You can do this by showing your basset hound that you have a treat in your hand. That will catch their attention for sure.
  • Once your basset hound’s attention is on the treat, come close to your dog and raise the treat above its head. This will make them look straight up. Say the command ”sit” or whatever word you want to use for this command.
  • Your basset hounds’ vision path will cause it naturally to move into the sitting position.
  • As soon as they sit, make sure to give them the treat and a lot of love and verbal praise. They need to know that they have done a good job.
  • If the basset hound doesn’t sit and starts backing up, slowly press down their back while still keeping the treat above their head and say your command word.

Personally, I make sure not to overtrain my basset hound. They can lose interest so easily. I usually do this process about 3 to 5 times and I reward them each time they do a good job.

Then, I will do the same thing the next day and will give them treats every third time they complete the sit command. Eventually, your basset hound will perform this command only by hearing your voice.

How to House Train Your Basset Hound

House training your basset hound has to be one of your first priorities. You surely don’t want to have messy accidents all over the house.

House training a basset hound is a long process that requires a lot of consistency, effort, and commitment from both your dog and you in order to teach your dog basic commands. It might take longer for your basset hound to learn these commands. There is a difference between one basset hound and another, the same as people.

One of the easiest ways to begin with the house training is to establish a feeding routine.

When you feed your basset hound every day at the same time, it is much easier to predict when they will need to use the bathroom. It takes my basset hound around one hour to use the bathroom after he has his breakfast.

Routines are known to eliminate a lot of confusion with the basset hound. It will make training them much easier because they will quickly pick up a routine.

As soon as your basset hound finishes eating and drinking water, take him to the designated spot where you want him to use the bathroom and bring a treat. You need to wait outside with them for a couple of minutes. As soon as they go, reward them with a treat and verbal praise. Repeat this for at least one week so they can pick up the routine.

Also, it is important that you read the signs your basset hound gives when he needs to use the bathroom. Usually, it’s pacing, circling the house, sniffing the floor, or standing next to a door.

Always lead your basset hound to the same spot. You do not want to confuse your basset hound with different spots. Consistency is very important.

Crate training is not great for basset hounds. Although they are short dogs, they are considered a large breed. No one likes to be cramped or uncomfortable when using the bathroom. It can be done, but I suggest that you don’t do that.

How to Teach a Basset Hound to Stay

Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train?
Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train? (Explained!) 10

After you teach your basset hound to sit and use the bathroom in the designated spot, it is time to move on to the ”stay” command. This will be a little bit hard because basset hounds are very social dogs and want your attention 24/7.

  • Get started by simply telling your basset hound to stay.
  • Hold your palm out as you would want to stop someone and say ”stay” again. Make sure that your voice is steady and calm.
  • Take a few steps back. Take one or two steps back and if your basset hound is still at the same position, reward him with a treat.
  • Repeat this process and increase the backward steps each time.

This command is more complex because at this point you are teaching your basset hound to self-control. Even though they are not high-energy dogs, they do like attention, and learning this command might take more than usual. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Practice little by little. Once you or your basset hound start to get frustrated, call it a day and do it again tomorrow.

How to Teach Your Basset Hound The “Come” Command

Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train?
Are Basset Hounds Easy to Train? (Explained!) 11

This is an important command, especially when you let your basset hound out and the hunting instinct kicks in. This command will keep them out of trouble and will prevent them from doing something that they shouldn’t do. Do not despair as this command is probably the hardest to learn.

For this training class, you will need a collar and a leash for your basset hound, and of course, some delicious treats.

  • Hook up your basset hound on the leash and get the leash’s distance away from them.
  • Kneel down and get to their eye level, look your basset hound in the eyes and call your command ”Come” and pull the leash.
  • Once your basset hound comes to you, give him a treat.
  • Continue this command a couple of times and then try it without pulling the leash.
  • Then, take your dog to a safe area and remove the leash. Try the same command, this time without pulling the leash.
  • The next step is to try and repeat this command without giving out treats.

Because your basset hound is not a high-energy dog, you should do this training exercise for no more than five minutes a day. They will get bored and tired quickly. Make sure that you end the training session on your terms.

Related Questions

Are basset hounds aggressive? Even though basset hounds have been bred as hunting dogs, they are not necessarily aggressive. Instead, they are a loving and affectionate breed that makes a great family dog.

Are basset hounds loyal? Basset hounds are very loyal to their owners. They might be a little bit hard to train, but rest assure, they will love you to the moon and back. They get along with kids and grown-ups.

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