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Do Basset Hounds Fart A Lot?

If you want to get a Basset hound, but you heard some rumors that Basset hounds fart a lot, I will clarify this for you. I have been around Basset hounds for over 10 years and I know a lot about this breed. So, do Basset hounds fart a lot? Here is my answer.

Do Basset Hounds Fart A Lot?

Do Basset Hounds Fart A Lot
Do Basset Hounds Fart A Lot? 3

Yes. Basset hounds fart a lot and they are able to produce a fart that has an incredibly strong smell. Basset hounds have a digestive system that gets irritated easily and has difficulties digesting most foods. They usually get so excited about food and eat fast without chewing the food and fart a lot because of digestive difficulties.

Farting is normal and happens to both humans and dogs. It doesn’t matter if your dog is young, old, big, small, healthy, or unhealthy, he will fart. Basset hounds being dogs do not understand that farting in front of others is not okay and they will do it without hesitation.

What issues may cause a Basset Hound to fart more?

Basset hounds are known to suffer from digestive problems and excessive farting related to a variety of issues. Basset hound suffers from difficult digestion and anything that goes into their mouth may and will give them gas.

You can regulate the amount of your Basset hound’s farting by monitoring its diet. Over time you will have a clear picture of which foods make your Basset fart a lot, and which foods are easier for them to digest.

You can consult with a veterinarian when you take your Basset for annual checkups and let them know what kind of food you are feeding your dog. The vet will recommend which dog food and treats to give to your dog.

Finding the correct dog food can be very difficult because each dog is unique. You will have to switch from one food to another in order to see which food works best for your Basset hound.

Here are some issues that may cause a Basset hound to fart more:

  1. Basset hounds fart a lot because of the way they eat. All basset hounds love to eat and they can’t wait to get started. My basset hounds forget to chew, he just swallows the food. That causes him to have difficulty digesting the food and he ends up burping and farting a lot.
  2. Their farting depends on the environment. If your Basset hounds eat in a stressful environment, they will fart more. Basset hounds love to eat in a quiet, stress-free environment. Please create that ambient for them.
  3. Basset hounds fart more when they eat full meals. If you are feeding your Basset hound one meal per day, it will fart more because it will overload its digestive system once they eat. I recommend that you split the meal at least into two smaller meals and feed them in the morning and evening.
  4. Overweight Basset hounds tend to fart more. Basset hounds don’t require a lot of physical activity. But, some kind of activity is recommended or you will end up with an over-weighted farting Basset machine. After their morning meal, go out for a walk and give your Basset hound a chance to burn calories and release some gases in the open where no one minds.
  5. Positioning increases or decreases the farting. If your basset hound spends a lot of time curled up or lying down, that allows any gas that is trapped inside the digestive tract to remain so, increasing farting.
  6. Allergies can cause a Basset hound to fart a lot. This breed is prone to a lot of medical issues such as allergies. Dogs can be allergic to a lot of things, including food. If your Basset hound starts to fart more than usual, this could be a sign of a medical issue.
  7. Dehydration will increase farting. Your basset hound has to have clean water to drink at all times. Dehydration will lead to stagnant digestion and therefore, more farting.

How to reduce the amount of my dog’s farting

A healthy diet and supplements can reduce the amount of your Basset hound’s farting. It is important to make sure that your dog lives a healthy lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle includes healthy food, water, sleep, no stress, exercise, socializing, and playtime. Once you get your Basset hound on the right path to good health, take a closer look at his diet.

Basset hounds must be fed with high-quality dog food that has lots of fiber which helps with food digestion. You can also include yogurt in your dog’s diet because yogurt has good bacteria which also helps with food digestion.

Get creative and make your Basset hound a yogurt Popsicle that he can enjoy in the hot weather. You can also consult with a veterinarian to prescribe some supplements to aid with food digestion. But you have to understand, the farting will not go away for good. You can only reduce the amount of farting.

A lot of Basset hound owners turn to alternative medicine and seek herbs like chamomile that calms the stomach and digestive tract lining. You should always consult with your veterinarian before giving your Basset hound any medicine, alternative or not.

Vegetables like ginger, carrots, or pumpkin have a lot of fiber in them which can reduce the amount of farting.

In Conclusion

If you have read the whole article, at this point you understand that there is no way to stop your Basset hound from farting. It is not healthy for a dog or a human to stop farting. There are some things that you can do to reduce the amount of your dog’s farting.

You can introduce your Basset hound to a healthy and balanced diet as well as some exercise. It is important to keep an eye on your dog’s weight. You can also take your Basset hound out for a walk after he eats because that’s when he will fart the most. Excessive farting is one of the reasons why Bassets are not considered good apartment dogs.

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