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Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It)

Many people are curious about whether Basset Hounds shed. The answer is: yes, Basset Hounds do shed, but there are things that you can do to minimize the amount of hair that they lose. In this blog post, we will discuss what causes Basset Hounds to shed and how you can reduce the amount of hair that they lose. We will also provide some tips for keeping your home clean and free of dog hair!

Do Basset Hounds Shed?

Do Basset Hounds Shed?
Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It) 9

Basset Hounds shed moderately throughout the year. Even though Basset Hounds are not hypoallergenic dogs, they shed considerably less than other dog breeds because they have smooth and short coats. The shedding increases during the hot summer months and regular brushing are needed.

Basset hounds have a thick, rough coat that is designed to keep them warm and dry throughout the year, even during winter months. While their coats may look beautiful, they do shed quite a bit. Shedding depends on the environment in which the pup is living, genetic factors, and diet.

The most common contributor to shedding is seasonal cycles of growth and rest. As temperatures rise or fall, these gentle giants will switch from growing more fur as the colder months approach to shedding their heavy coats as the summer days come around.

Depending on where you live, the coat on your Basset Hound may get thicker in the winter as a natural response to the cold weather. The Basset Hounds will shed very little during the winter period and that way they keep themselves warm throughout the winter. Once summer comes, your Basset Hound will have to lose that extra hair and will do so through shedding.

Nutrition plays a large role in helping regulate their shedding cycle. Owners should make sure to provide their bassets with omega-3 fatty acids so that they have all of the necessary nutrition for healthy fur!

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Even though Basset Hounds shed throughout the year, the amount of fur that comes out isn’t much. Fur will fall constantly but because their hair is short, you won’t be able to notice it. Do not worry, you won’t have piles of hair everywhere as you should have with a Husky. But this doesn’t mean that you are in the clear. Regular brushing is required.

Why Do Basset Hounds Shed?

Do Basset Hounds Shed scaled
Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It) 10

Basset Hounds shed due to the changes in the weather conditions. Sunlight and its absence of it play a huge role in the hair growth of the Basset Hound. During the wintertime, there is an absence of sunlight and the weather is colder. to which the Basset Hounds have to respond by growing a thicker coat to stay warm. As summer comes, the Basset hound sheds to remove the thicker coat to avoid overheating.

Basset Hounds are beloved for their floppy ears, droopy eyes, and low-to-the-ground gait. Although many people view these dogs as lively and cuddly companions, they may not be prepared for how much they shed. Whether they have short or long coats, Basset Hounds will typically shed throughout the year – with heavier shedding cycles that occur twice a year.

This is due to the amount of fur naturally found on a Basset Hound combined with its double-layer coat. These dogs shed to cycle out old fur and make room for new hair growth. Even though Basset Hounds possess this natural cyclical shedding habit, it can become excessive if proper grooming practices are not implemented. Regular brushing and vacuuming sessions help keep shedding to a minimum carrying in spring and fall when it is most intense.

Shedding is a process where old hairs are leaving the dog’s body and new hair is growing in its place. This system of renewing is constant and happens all year round. The hair follicles are individual and have their own growth cycle and lifespan.

Are Basset Hounds Hypoallergenic?

Do Basset Hounds Shed
Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It) 11

Basset Hounds are not hypoallergenic. Even though the Basset Hound breed carries a low dander factor, those sensitive to allergens may still be affected. Besides regular bathing and vacuuming around your Basset Hound to keep allergens at bay, there is no real way to make the breed completely hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic dogs make great companions for those who suffer from allergies or simply want to reduce the amount of pet-related allergens in their homes. Hypoallergenic dogs have been identified as having a reduced chance to create the kind of allergens that trigger reactions, either through the dog’s fur, bodily secretions such as saliva, dander, or even urine.

As with humans and many other allergic reactions, no dog is completely hypoallergenic. It’s just significantly less likely to cause an allergy in people.

Basset Hounds may look like low-shedding, hypoallergenic dogs; however, this is not the case. The combination of their thick coat and loose skin means that Basset Hounds are considered to be moderate shedders and produce enough dander which can cause allergic reactions in humans.

Because Basset Hounds produce oil from their skin, over time the oils can build up and cause even more allergies. In addition to potential allergic reactions, Basset Hounds also possess an odor that may trigger allergy symptoms in some people. As with all breeds, it is important to consider whether a Basset Hound would be right for you or your family based on any existing allergies or sensitivities before commitment.

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Shedding?

Shedding can be a big problem for pet owners, especially when it comes to furry friends like Basset Hounds. The good news is, there are some steps you can take to help keep the shedding under control.

1. Regular grooming

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Shedding
Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It) 12

Depending on the climate and season, Basset hounds should be groomed at least once a month during the summer and every three months during the winter for optimal shedding avoidance. Regular grooming is important not only for avoiding excess fur around the home, but also helps to promote healthy skin and coat quality in addition to a layer of protection against external parasites.

Grooming helps maintain cleanliness and a sleek coat, but also reduces shedding and helps create healthier fur for the Basset Hound. With thorough grooming, the dog’s hairs are kept properly oiled and distributed evenly on their coat, giving them a more unified look rather than clumped and matted hair.

Additionally, it can help clear off loose fur that would otherwise be shed onto your home’s carpets, flooring, and furniture.

2. Daily brushing during the summer months

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Shedding 1
Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It) 13

Brushing your Basset Hound daily during the summer months will remove loose fur and help to reduce shedding around your home. In the winter months, you can brush them three times a week to avoid shedding and matting.

The reason why you brush your Basset’s hair is to pull out the dead hairs so they can be replaced with new ones. The dead hair is going to fall out anyway, but by brushing you are containing the situation.

Brushing also stimulates the hair to release a natural conditioner known as sebum. By brushing your Basset’s hair you will stimulate the capillaries on the scalp thus increasing the blood flow and oxidation which will help the hair to look nicer.

One of the most pleasing and interesting products I have seen online for grooming your Basset Hound is the 2-1 Pet Glove (see the price on Basically, it is a glove that fits on your hand and one side of that glove is used for brushing your Basset hound and the other side is used to brush the hair off of the couch. It really does its job and costs around $8.

3. Bathe your Basset once a month

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Shedding 3
Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It) 14

Bathing your Basset hound once a month is ideal and will aid in reducing the shedding. You should bathe your Basset with a special de-shedding shampoo that includes natural oils which can nourish the skin and coat and help prevent shedding.

While some people will suggest you bathe your Basset every two weeks, it can do more harm than good. If you are brushing your Basset every day, there is no need to bathe it more than once a month.

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4. Invest in a high-quality diet

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Shedding 5
Do Basset Hounds Shed? (And What You Can Do About It) 15

Feeding your Basset hound a high-quality diet with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will help them strengthen the skin and reduce shedding. While you will never be able to completely stop the shedding, feeding them quality foods will significantly reduce it.

Nutrition affects the quality of your Basset Hound’s hair. Humans are the same as dogs on this subject. Have you noticed that your hair or face looks healthier when you switch to healthy foods? The same applies to dogs. If your Basset Hound is malnourished, your dog’s hair will become dry and will fall out easier.

Malnourished can also be applied to Basset Hounds that are overweight. Overfeeding your Basset does not mean that they are getting the right kind of food. People just love feeding their Basset Hounds with treats, especially when they do some fun trick. But, the sooner you realize that the unhealthy treats are just making your dog unhealthy, the better.

Basset Hounds need a good source of protein and fat in their diet. Introduce lots of meats in your Basset Hounds diet and avoid giving them junk food. For example, chicken. Chicken has a lot of proteins that your Basset needs. Make sure you are giving them enough fatty food too.

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