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How To Trim Your Basset Hound’s Nails

Thanks to their hunting instincts, the basset hounds are natural diggers. They have thick, strong, and sharp toenails and they grow pretty quickly. That being said, your basset hound’s nails are going to be dirty almost all the time, and regular trimming is going to be required.

A lot of bacteria can hide underneath the toenails of your basset hound. He will then spread all of that bacteria as he walks into your home. Cleaning and trimming your basset hounds toenails is very important. But, do you know how to trim your basset hound’s nails?

Key Takeaway

How To Trim Your Basset Hound’s Nails

  1. Invest in a good set of nail clippers
  2. Introduce nail clipping while they are young
  3. Create a calm ambient
  4. Start by clipping a small amount of his nail
  5. Verbal praise and treats all the way

How To Trim Your Basset Hound’s Nails

How To Trim Your Basset Hound’s Nails
How To Trim Your Basset Hound's Nails 6

Trimming your basset hound’s nails might seem like an easy task, but trust me, it can be quite complicated if you are not doing it correctly. There are many factors that have to be considered before you start trimming your basset hound’s nails.

Some basset hounds are afraid of an electric toenail and they might think you are trying to kill them. It’s funny I know, but that’s what happened with my pup. Therefore, I will share my 10-year knowledge of basset hound care with you. Here is how to trim your basset hound’s nails:

1. Invest in a good set of nail clippers

I cannot stress how important it is to have good-quality nail clippers. You will have to clip your basset hound’s nails often. Trimming the nails will prevent nails from being snagged and pulled off, as well as keep the dog’s nails clean and free of bacteria and germs.

Having dull clippers will tend to leave jagged edges on the nails which can chip and crack. This will cause a lot of pain and discomfort to your basset hound. The nail clippers that I use for my basset hounds cost around $30. You can check the current price on

These are high-quality clippers that just snap the nail right off. Also, they have a guard that prevents clipping too close. Electric nail clippers are also a good choice, but they are a little bit expensive.

2. Introduce nail clipping while they are young

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How To Trim Your Basset Hound's Nails 7

Basset hounds are a creature of habit and routine. You should start clipping your basset hound’s nails while they are still a puppy. It would be much easier for them, as well as for you. They will get used to regular nail clipping and you won’t have any difficulties.

You should clip your basset hound’s nails every week. This will keep their nails clean and bacteria-free.

Their nails grow very fast and are quite strong. If you wish to preserve your floor and couch, you should trim their nails every week. Once you get into the routine, it only takes 10 minutes or less.

3. Create a calm ambient

Do your best to make nail clipping as pleasant as possible. I suggest that you do it in a quiet room, preferably while your pup is sitting in his favorite spot. You should be as calm as possible. Give your basset hound some love and attention and he will enjoy the nail-clipping session.

If there is a lot of noise, your basset hound might easily get nervous and he will not let you trim his nails. Instead, get them in a quiet room and put them in a comfortable position. Tell him how much you love him and how good a boy he is.

4. Start by clipping a small amount of his nail

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How To Trim Your Basset Hound's Nails 8

First, wash your basset hound paws and then start clipping the nails. You should always clip little by little because if the nail is still long, you can always come back and trim it more. But, if you trim it close to the meat the first time, they will feel discomfort while walking.

Sit down and lay them on your feet belly up. Grab one paw and clip a small amount of his nail. Just keep an eye on the pink inside the nail and don’t come close to it. I use a nail clipper that has a guard on it that prevents me from clipping too close to the meat.

5. Verbal praise and treats all the way

Basset hounds are drama queens. For each nail you cut, they will sound like you are killing them. It doesn’t hurt them, but how can you stop them from howling? I found out that giving verbal praise and treats after each paw is very helpful.

I love how my basset hound can stay calm in every situation when I give him treats. I suggest that you clip your basset hound nails while they are young and over time if you don’t have the time, have a groomer do it. It has to be done weekly.

How Often Do You Trim Basset Hounds Nails?

You should trim your Basset Hounds nails every fourteen days in order to avoid movement difficulties, the strain on the joints, and other health-related issues. It is important to trim your dog’s nails regularly, as overgrown and untrimmed nails can cause certain health issues.

Not to mention that if neglected for a long period of time, nails can become curled underneath the foot pad and cause difficulty when trying to walk – an issue that can only be resolved through medical attention from a vet.

The nail bed of a basset hound is very close to the paw and should be trimmed often, in most cases at least every two weeks. It helps to have an experienced groomer or veterinarian do the job for the first few times, as trimming a basset hound’s nails can sometimes be challenging due to its dense fur.

If you hear tapping or clicking noises when your pup walks on hard surfaces, this usually indicates that the nails are too long and should be trimmed soon. Similarly, if you can easily see the curve of their nails curling over on the floor, then it is definitely time for a trim.

Regularly checking your pup’s paws for any signs of discoloration or inflection can also be helpful in determining whether trimming is needed.

What Is The Best Nail Clipper For Basset Hounds

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This nail clipper is what I have been using for trimming my basset hound for over 3 years. I found it to be very effective and high quality for under $30. I hate using cheap ones because they don’t clip the nails as they should.

This nail clipper has a guard which makes it perfect for people that are clipping nails for the first time. Dogs can be very nervous when you clip their nails and they can move a lot. By moving, they are only making it worse and you can trim their nails more than you should. This will leave them in discomfort.

So, if you wish to safely cut your basset hound’s nails, I think this nail clipper is a great choice for you. Plus, this clipper has an LED light that shines on the red part of the nail which is the border to where you want to cut. This makes it a lot easier. The blade is made of hardened steel and cuts quickly, struggle-free.

Let me know in the comment if you have a special way of cutting your basset hound’s nails. I would love to hear from you. I have been around basset hounds for over a decade, but you can still teach me something new.

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