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Why Does My Basset Hound Have Dandruff?

Have you noticed any white flakes on your Basset’s fur and you wonder why my Basset hound has dandruff? Dandruff in dogs is associated with dry skin and can happen to any breed, especially the Basset hound. Some dogs get oily skin when they get dandruff, and some get dry skin. The question is why.

Why Does My Basset Hound Have Dandruff?

Why Does My Basset Hound Have Dandruff
Why Does My Basset Hound Have Dandruff? 4

Basset hounds get dandruff because of a condition called seborrhea which means their skin lacks the natural oils needed to stay moist. This leads to dry, itchy patches of skin or fur developing and is often accompanied by flaking and redness.

Basset hounds may be highly susceptible to seborrhea, a condition caused by a build-up of oils and dandruff in the skin. This condition can cause extreme irritation and itchiness, so it’s important to watch out for signs like patches of dry skin, excessive shedding, redness, and sores.

Seborrhea is highly contagious among animals and can spread from pet to pet if left untreated. Treatment for seborrhea includes washing the affected areas with special shampoos that reduce inflammation, soothe itching, and restore moisture to the skin. Your veterinarian may also recommend oral medications or a specialized diet to reduce symptoms of this uncomfortable condition.

What Causes Dandruff in Basset Hounds?

What causes dandruff in Basset Hounds
Why Does My Basset Hound Have Dandruff? 5

Dandruff is caused by skin irritations, stress, environmental issues, and health problems. Dandruff isn’t a health condition itself, but a result of something else going on with the Basset hound’s health.

Here is what causes dandruff in Basset hounds:

  1. Excessive stress can cause dandruff in Basset hounds. They love to live in a stress-free environment. If your household is busy, that will put a lot of stress on the Basset hound and he will start licking and chewing his dry skin, and eventually, dandruff will appear. Your puppy can express stress through excessive barking and scratching. You have to pay attention to that stuff and catch them on time.
  2. Dry air in your home can cause dandruff in Basset hounds. If the air quality in your home is dry, this can cause dandruff. This usually happens when you use too much air conditioning or indoor heat. You should open up a window and let fresh air come inside.
  3. An incorrect diet can cause dandruff in Basset hounds. If you feed your Basset hound with all kinds of foods, dandruff and other serious health issues can appear. You should be very careful about your Basset’s diet. Make sure that he is getting a healthy diet and lots of water.
  4. Improper grooming can lead to dandruff in Basset hounds. This can happen if you bathe your Basset hound with a shampoo that doesn’t suit him. It’s best if you take your Basset hound to a professional groomer and ask him which kind of shampoo they are using in the saloon and you get that one.
  5. Bathing too often, or not often enough can lead to dandruff in your Basset hound. Depending on where you live and how dirty your Basset hound gets, you should bathe your puppy at least twice a month. Learn How To Bathe Your Basset Hound – The Proper Way

Can Dandruff Be a Sign of a Health Problem For a Basset hound?

Yes, dandruff can be and usually is a sign of a health problem for a Basset hound. A condition known as Mites can cause what appears to be dandruff on a Basset hound’s skin.

If you look closely and inspect your Bassets’ fur, you will notice that the white flakes that resemble dandruff are actually moving around. This ”dandruff” is very common in Basset hounds and needs to be taken care of by the veterinarian.

These mites not only attack the skin, but can also affect the nasal cavities, face, and ears of the Basset hound. They can also get transferred to humans and cause skin irritations.

Seborrhea is a genetic health disorder that is very common in the Basset hound breed. Basset hounds older than a year can show signs of seborrhea and can go throughout their lifetime.

Basically, Seborrhea occurs when the skin’s gland produces huge amounts of sebum. This oily substance causes scaly, itchy, and flaky skin and leads to dandruff. This condition can be either oily or dry, but in the Basset hounds breed it is mostly dry.

Seborrhea can cause a lot of issues. This condition has to be taken care of by a veterinarian because it can lead to skin infections. Seborrhea also emits an odor that you will notice.

How can I fix my Basset Hounds’ dandruff?

You can fix your Basset hound’s dandruff by diagnosing why exactly they are having this problem. A veterinarian will have to perform a visual inspection of the dog’s skin and fur in order to determine the cause of the dryness (dandruff). Dandruff is not a health condition, only a sign that your Basset hound suffers from a health problem that leads to dandruff.

Dandruff is not a condition that is life-threatening but has to be addressed immediately. You have to understand, your Basset hound will feel discomfort throughout the day. This can disturb his sleep, as well as make him angry because he will scratch his skin all day long. You have to be patient with your dog at this time of crisis.

You can investigate the dandruff situation by yourself by changing the bathing intervals, changing the shampoo, adjusting the diet, and other stuff. But, this will take time and your Basset hound will ‘suffer’ longer than needed.

Does age cause dandruff for a Basset Hound?

Age can most definitely cause dandruff for a Basset hound. As the Basset hound gets older, many health conditions will appear along the way that can lead to dandruff.

Hormone levels fluctuate as a Basset hound transit from a puppy to adulthood. As the Basset hound transits from adult into senior age, the hormone levels will continue to fluctuate, causing dandruff.

Female Basset Hounds are more exposed to dandruff because of the changes in their bodies during pregnancy and lactating.

A pregnant Basset hound needs adjustment in their diet that will increase its nutritional value because it will need more vitamins, minerals, and calories. If their diet is not proper, their skin will suffer.

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