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Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It

Basset hounds are great family pets. Many people choose this dog breed to be their furry friend. But soon after they get their basset hound, one of the first things they wonder is why Basset Hounds smell so bad.

Why Does My Basset Hound Smell So Bad?

Why Does My Basset Hound Smell So Bad?
Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It 9

Basset Hounds smell so bad because they have a thick oily coat with lots of heavy skin folds that trap bacteria and dirt easily. That odor combined with their saliva smell and sweaty paws adds up to a one-smelly dog.

The Basset hounds were originally bred for hunting. Their coat of hair is considered waterproof because of their hunting job. This alone is the root of why basset hounds smell bad.

If you add that basset hounds can develop body odor if they have any health issues, it is a recipe for one stinky dog. If you are a dog owner that likes to experiment and has time for care and grooming, the basset hound makes an excellent companion.

All dogs have some type of scent that reminds us that we have furry babies in our homes. I personally don’t have a problem tolerating this smell, but some of my friends do. They always make a face when they enter my home.

I admit. A basset hound scent is a little bit more than just a doggie smell. But, I get it. They were bred as working dogs to assist in hunting. Their fur was designed to repel water. Having that type of coat will for sure help when hunting because of the harsh terrain full of water and mud.

Basset hounds have an oily coating on their hair which makes their fur waterproof but can easily add stink when they get dirty.

If you neglect your basset hound and don’t bathe and groom him regularly, that can be a recipe for a smelly dog.

Are Bassett Hounds Stinky?

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Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It 10

Bassett hounds have a very distinct smell that is often described as ‘stinky.’ Their coat, although short-haired, absorbs and retains odors which contribute to an increase in their natural scent. As well, their body composition makes them prone to drooling and snorting, both of which add to the stinkiness of Basset hounds.

They also tend to roll in great delight in mud or anything smelly they can find while out on walks. All these factors culminate in giving Bassett hounds the reputation for being quite smelly puppies.

Grooming your Basset frequently is an essential part of taking care of your pet–especially when it comes to tackling unwanted odors. Regular baths and brushing remove dead fur, dirt, and dry skin, which can become stinky in a short time.

Not only does bathing help keep odors at bay, but it also helps promote healthy skin and good coat condition. It’s also important to pay attention to the ears, eyes, and nails.

Through regular grooming, you could prevent many common health problems that come with a lack of hygiene such as yeast infections, ear mites, and other parasites.

Poor nutrition is often to blame for a Bassets’s foul odor. Bad food can lead to digestion problems, which can cause stool to become malodorous. An unhealthy diet and lack of adequate nutrition also diminish a dog’s natural ability to fight off bacterial growth, resulting in increased bad smells from the skin and coat.

How To Stop a Basset Hound From Smelling

What can be done to get rid of the Basset Hounds’ bad smell
Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It 11

There are a lot of things that you can do that will help get rid of the doggie smell of your basset hound.

1. Set up a schedule for bathing and grooming

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Shedding
Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It 12

You need to set up a schedule for bathing and grooming and stick to it. How often you need to bathe and groom your basset hound will depend on you, where you live, and how dirty your dog gets. If you live in an apartment, there is a low chance that your basset hound will get dirty. If you live on a farm, that is a different story.

You should bathe your basset hound once a month and brush him once a week.

It is very important that you dry their coat after bathing. If their coat is not dried properly, the moisture will turn into an odor. Basset hounds have short and hard-textured coats and they shed all year long. You should brush your basset hound at least once a week. Also, after you are done with brushing, you can spray a 50 – 50 vinegar and water mixture on their coat to remove any bad odor.

2. Brush your basset hounds teeth

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Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It 13

Basset hounds have bad breath, like any other dog. The bad breath odor is formed from the food that gets stuck between the teeth. It is important to brush your basset hounds’ teeth every morning.

You should brush your basset hounds teeth every morning to prevent teeth infections and bad odor.

I made my routine. Every morning I brush my teeth when I get up and then I brush my basset hounds teeth. Brushing helps a lot in eliminating that bad breath smell. Start with a soft brush and then switch to medium. Make sure not to hurt their gums. You can also introduce them to treats that they can chew on and keep their choppers clean.

3. Clean your basset hounds ears

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Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It 14

Basset hounds have short legs and long ears. Those cute ears spend a lot of time dragging themselves on the ground. No matter how clean your house is, they will still find dust. No to mention what happens when they go outside. When their ears get dirty, they tend to smell. Plus, there is a health risk.

You should clean your basset hound’s ear at least once a week to prevent ear infections and bad smells.

I clean my basset hounds ear the same as I clean mine. You have to be very careful about how they will react the first time. You do not want to hurt their ear canals with the earbud.

4. Wipe your basset hound with baby wipes

If your basset hound gets dirty from water, mud, or something else, make sure to wipe them with baby wipes. Make sure not to wipe them around the eyes as the alcohol in the baby wipe may cause discomfort.

You should wipe your basset hound’s paws with baby wipes each time they enter the house.

A lot of dirt will accumulate on their paws and underneath their nails when they go out for a walk. It is important that you wipe their paws each time they enter the house. Not only this will contribute to their overall health, but will also remove any bad odor.

5. Don’t feed them junk food

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Why Basset Hounds Smell So Bad and How To Fix It 15

The food that you give your basset hound will have a great effect on their health, hair quality, and odor. The clue here is to feed them nutrient-dense foods and give them plenty of water to drink.

You should avoid feeding your basset hound with junk food because junk food will make them sweat more and they will have a stronger odor.

Also, the bad smell can increase if your basset hound is dehydrated. Make sure to always have a water bowl in the designated feeding area. So, whenever your basset hound is thirsty, he can drink water.

Feel free to share any of your personal experiences to help me and other basset hound owners eliminate the bad smell.

What Makes a Dog Stink Even After Washing?

While a good bath can help mask a dog’s natural odor, the underlying cause of even the stinkiest pet’s scent can often come down to diet and bacteria. A diet that is too rich in fat, processed foods, or grains can contribute to an unpleasant body odor, while an increase in certain kinds of bacteria on the skin can be exacerbated by environmental factors like humidity.

Allergies, yeast, and fungal infections, as well as hormone production imbalances, can all produce odors that stick around long after a dip in the bathtub.

A vet visit may be necessary to figure out the root cause of an offensive pet stench; with treatment — whether it’s dietary modifications or medications — most dogs will soon find themselves smelling much fresher.

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