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Are Basset Hounds Playful?

My wife and I wanted to get a Basset hound but we were wondering are Basset Hounds playful. We heard that they are low-energy dogs and we didn’t want to get a pet that will sleep all day. Being first-time dog owners was very special for us, and we wanted to make the right choice. So, we did research and found out if Basset hounds are playful. Here is what we found.

Are Basset Hounds Playful?

Are Basset Hounds Playful?
Are Basset Hounds Playful? 6

Basset Hounds are playful, goofy, sassy, and irresistible dogs that tend to be extremely docile when around small children. They enjoy playing with humans, dogs, and cats. Many pet owners get Basset Hounds as second pets because they get along and play with other pets.

Basset Hounds are a very playful breed of dog. They enjoy giving their owners plenty of love, attention, and affection. They also enjoy running and playing which helps keep these pups active and healthy.

In general, Basset Hounds will get along and play with children, adults, dogs, cats, and other pets. They have no mean bone in them and just love socializing. You would be surprised at how many friends this dog can make in the dog park.

When presented with the right stimuli, Basset Hounds will happily play a good game of fetch or chase around the backyard. As energetic explorers, they like to check out new terrain with their noses always close to the ground – this is how they explore and show inquisitiveness in their environment.

But, not all pets love Bassets. Some large dogs might bark at your Basset Hound or even attack it if they feel threatened in any way. But that is rarely the case. Everyone loves Basset Hounds and enjoys their company.

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Are Basset Hounds Playful With Toddlers?

are basset hounds playful with toddlers
Are Basset Hounds Playful? 7

Basset Hounds are playful with toddlers but the playground has to be supervised just in case both the toddler and the Basset hound choose to play rough. In general, Basset hounds love playing with toddlers, but toddlers can be curious and might decide to poke the Basset in their eyes or hurt them in another way.

As a kid, I wanted to have a pet dog. My mom couldn’t keep up with me and my brother and having another messy family member was just too much for her. So, I’ve made a promise that my kids will grow up with dogs. Once my son turned one, my wife and I got him a Basset Hound.

Our Basset Hound loves playing with our son just as much as our son loves playing with our Basset Hound. The Basset Hound is a playful dog and likes to run around my toddler, lick him, and give him hugs. I enjoy sitting and watching them play. Like I said before, the playground has to be supervised, not because of the Basset, but because I fear that my son will hurt the Basset and I am not sure how he will react.

Are Basset Hounds Playful With Other Dogs?

Are Basset Hounds Playful With Other Dogs?
Are Basset Hounds Playful? 8

Basset hounds are playful with other dogs as long as the other dogs are playful with the Basset Hound. Simply put, Basset Hounds are known to befriend other dogs, but that doesn’t mean that the other dogs are fine with the Basset.

Basset Hounds are known for their love and affection toward other dogs. They will engage in play with other dogs as long as the other dogs are okay with it. If you have other pet dogs besides your Basset Hound, feelings like jealousy might arise and they might get into a fight.

Be certain that the Basset Hound will not engage in a fight, but he will stand his ground and protect himself. Should this happen, spray both dogs with water and they will cool down immediately.

Even though Basset Hounds are playful with other dogs, you have to have separate beds, food bowls, and toys for your pet dogs. This way there will be no hurt feelings and they will get along great. You shouldn’t be very worried because jealousy, competition, and hurt feelings are normal among families.

Are Basset Hounds Playful With Cats?

Are Basset Hounds Playful With Cats?
Are Basset Hounds Playful? 9

Are Basset Hounds playful with cats? Basset hounds are playful with cats and enjoy their company, but the playground has to be supervised in the beginning. This is simply because the Basset Hound puppy might play too rough with the small family kitten and hurt him without knowing.

In general, Basset Hounds love and enjoy the company of cats. They don’t mind sharing their bed, couch, and toys with cats. But, it’s best if they play together while you are overseeing the playground. They might accidentally step on your little kitten or try to carry them in their teeth like they would carry their children.

You only need to supervise the playground until you are sure that the basset and the cat are friends. This usually happens in a couple of weeks. We don’t have a pet cat, but my friend does. It took my Basset hound around 10 days to become friends with my friend’s cat. Now, I don’t really pay attention to them playing because I know for sure that my basset hound won’t hurt the cat or the other way around.

Are Basset Hounds Playful With Chickens?

Basset hounds that haven’t been raised with livestock on a farm including chickens aren’t playful with chickens. They are prey-driven dogs that might easily confuse a chicken for prey the first time they see one. But, if you get a small pooch and raise it together with the chickens, they will get along and play.

I mean, can you blame a hunting dog for chasing chickens? I know I wouldn’t. The thing is if your adult Basset hound is seeing chickens for the first time, of course, he will start chasing them. It’s in their DNA. But, if you get a puppy Basset Hound and raise him on a farm, he will learn to love and protect the livestock, including the chickens.

Going through obedience training with your Basset Hound will play a great role. Untrained Basset Hounds usually run after anything that moves and they can get hurt that way. Your Basset hound has to be well trained and to stop whenever you tell him to.

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