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Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold? (Answered!)

I always wondered can basset hounds stay outside in the cold? Playing in the snow during the winter months can be a fun time for you and your basset hound. But, it is important to make sure that your basset hound can withstand the temperature outside. I always wondered how cold is too cold for a basset hound, so I did a little bit of research.

Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold?

Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold
Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold? (Answered!) 6

Basset Hounds have a short coat and can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C). Anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit can result in health distress such as shivering or panting. Always pay attention to your basset hound when playing in the snow and be on the lookout for possible health distresses.

The Basset Hound’s coat is quite amazing. It’s unruffled yet glossy appearance allows it to withstand colder temperatures. The Basset’s fur is made up of a rough outer layer and a soft, dense undercoat giving them superior insulation against even the coldest weather.

The coat protects the Basset from any chill that comes their way and gives them a distinct look that helps them identify with their breed. With this thick insulation and ruggedness, they can handle cold temperatures as they make their way through wintery scenes.

Always check the temperature before taking your basset hound on a walk. Also, please note that even though they can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees F, they could still get sick if they get wet and then stay out in the cold.

Do Basset Hounds Need Coats In Winter?

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Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold? (Answered!) 7

For chilly walks or cold evenings outdoors, Basset Hounds need coats. While Basset hounds have enough fur to provide insulation against frigid weather, they will appreciate a coat to help them fight the cold.

Winter weather can be brutal and uncomfortable for dogs, but coats can go a long way toward alleviating discomfort. As most dog owners know, their pup’s fur is not always enough to keep them warm on the chilliest of days.

Coats help provide insulation from the cold while helping reduce mud and dirt that might get on a pup’s fur and body. They also offer protection from wind, rain, and snow that can take away warmth and dryness.

While they may seem like a minor thing to invest in, an outdoor coat could literally mean life or death for some breeds of dogs that don’t have a strong ability to regulate their internal temperatures in cold weather conditions.

Ultimately, providing your pet with a coat for the winter season is an excellent way to keep them safe and comfortable throughout all kinds of freezing conditions.

The Dangers of Outdoor Temperatures for Your Basset Hounds

Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold?
Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold? (Answered!) 8

We know that basset hounds have been bred as hunting dogs. Hunting is done early in the morning and in all weather conditions. Therefore, you could think that a basset hound would be more resilient to cold temperatures.

They probably were resilient to cold temperatures when they were used as hunting dogs. But, over time, the basset hound became a luxury house pet. They are no longer as fit as they used to be.

With their short coat length, basset hounds can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C). You should never leave your basset hound out in the cold without a warm and cozy place to sleep. If you are keeping your basset hound in the yard, you should get him an insulated dog house to keep him warm in the winter.

Also, if you live in areas where the temperature reaches below 20 degrees F, you should consider letting your basset hound sleep inside. If that is not an option, insulate the dog house with hay or straw.

You shouldn’t insulate a dog house with blankets because your basset hound could play out in the snow and then bring the snow back into the dog house. That snow will melt and when the temperature drops overnight it will freeze the blanket.

Also, make sure that the dog house has a door and not just an opening. Having a door will protect them from cold wind.

Exercise In The Winter Time

Basset hounds are dogs that don’t require a lot of exercises. But, they would still need at least a walk around the block. Depending on where you live, the temperatures in wintertime can get pretty low. Even a short walk could be a potential health risk for your basset hound.

You should always walk your basset hound in the warmest part of the day. That’s usually around 1 PM where I live. If you are not free around that time, it’s better to stay inside and not risk getting your basset hound sick.

You can also get a coat for your basset hound. Make sure they do not get wet from the snow. If they do, get back inside and dry them immediately. Walking wet with a short coat when it’s cold outside is not a smart idea. Always keep an eye on any possible health-related issues like shivering or panting.

In the summer, you should walk your basset hound early in the morning or late at night. Never walk your basset hound in the hottest part of the day where temperatures can reach 120 degrees F.

Always make sure to keep an eye out for any possible signs of overheating and dehydration during the summer walks.

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How Cold is Too Cold For Your Basset Hound?

How Cold is Too Cold For Your Basset Hound
Can Basset Hounds Stay Outside in the Cold? (Answered!) 9

Considering their heavy coats, Basset Hounds are pretty well equipped to heat up in winter climes. However, like any dog, it’s important to understand just how cold is too cold for your pup. This varies based on individual health, age, and the general climate of where you live.

As a general rule of thumb, anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for a Basset hound and they shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of temperature for too long. You may want to consider investing in a coat or jumper if you live somewhere particularly cold and your pup will be going outside

Add some booties as well for extra protection from the elements. But remember, bring them inside if it’s too chilly despite the warm gear – safety should always come first!


Not all temperatures are the same and not everyone reacts the same to cold temperatures. When you are outside, you may not feel cold. But, you are probably wearing your coat, boots, and hat.

Your basset hound only has his fur to keep him warm. Some dogs like Huskies have thick fur to keep them warm, while basset hounds have short coats.

Wind Chill – Even the smallest brisk breeze can make your basset hound cold and unable to regulate its temperature, leaving them cold.

Dampness – Your basset hound can get wet while out on a walk. It could be rainy, snowy, or simply a heavy fog that could soak your dog’s coat. Not to mention a dip in a small pond. That will leave your basset hound wet and chilly even though the temperature outside is not very cold.

Cloud Cover – We need the sun to keep us warm. When it’s cloudy, the temperatures are lower. Your basset hound can feel more chilly than usual when it’s cloudy.

Activity – If your basset hound is running around when it’s cold, his body temperature will rise and he won’t be chilly while running.

Cold Weather Safety for Basset Hounds

Signs That Something Might Be Wrong With Your Basset Hound

  • Anxiety: Many basset hounds will experience anxiety when they are too cold.
  • Whining or barking: If your basset hound is quiet all the time and it is not whining or barking and then suddenly you are out in the cold and he starts barking or whining, that can be a sign that he is cold.
  • Stop moving: If you are out on a walk and your basset hound stops moving his paws, check the paws for ice or snow.
  • Shivering: This is an obvious sign. If your basset hound starts to shiver, get him inside as soon as possible.
  • Looking for safety: When your basset hound starts looking for a place like a bush or under a car to keep him warm, you should get him inside.

Being Safe With Your Basset Hound in Outside Weather

  • The best way to tell if your basset hound is cold is to keep an eye. Basset hounds have a short coat and do not do well in the cold. Keep an eye on any potential health distress. Shivering is probably the first sign to watch out for.
  • You should get a jacket and boots for your basset hound. This is necessary if you live in a place where it gets very cold. If the temperatures do not drop below 20 degrees F, you should be alright.
  • If you do not keep your basset hound in the house, make sure that you get them a dog house that is insulated properly. Nights can be cold and critical if you leave your dog outside.
  • Make sure that your driveway or yard doesn’t have ice where your basset hound can run and cut his paws.
  • If your basset hound loves to spend time outside, you need to make sure that they have drinking water. Make sure that the water is not frozen. You can solve this issue if you get them a heater and install it in the dog house.

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What temperature can Basset Hounds tolerate? Basset Hounds can tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C). They have a short coat which can’t keep them warm in the cold winter.

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