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How High Can Basset Hounds Jump? (Answered!)

Basset hounds are so low to the ground, that it makes it look like they couldn’t jump very high. But, in my experience with my basset hound, I’ve seen him jump higher than I expected. This got me thinking, how high can basset hounds jump? So, I did some research, and here is what I found out.

How High Can Basset Hounds Jump?

How High Can Basset Hounds Jump
How High Can Basset Hounds Jump? (Answered!) 6

A full-grown and healthy Basset Hound can jump up to 4 feet. However, a Basset hound’s spine and joints are fragile, and jumping even from the furniture should be discouraged.

Basset Hounds have a unique ability to jump higher than one might expect. Despite their short legs and stocky build, these hunting dogs can reach heights of almost four feet, making them an especially agile breed.

While they may not look like it at first glance, these dogs have a surprising amount of spring in their step. This is aided by the considerable strength of their back legs, enabling powerful hopping and jumping movements. Basset Hounds can adeptly navigate both treacherous terrain and staircases thanks to their leaping ability and agility.

Through intense training, their jumping capabilities can reach even higher levels. For example, show dogs and competitors in agility trials can often leap much further than the average Basset Hound.

While not the highest jumping dog breed available, the Basset Hound has a surprising amount of strength that should be respected and recognized for its abilities.

Can Basset Hounds Jump On Beds?

How High Can Basset Hounds Jump
How High Can Basset Hounds Jump? (Answered!) 7

Yes. Basset Hounds are able to jump on beds, however, they should be discouraged from jumping off the bed because they have fragile back and joints and can easily get hurt.

Basset hounds definitely make a statement with their long, droopy ears and barrel-shaped torso. They are the epitome of quaintness and cuteness. While many of us may think that these dogs can’t do much beyond charming us with their loving eyes, we’d be wrong.

In fact, basset hounds can prove to be quite nimble when they put their minds to it. Not only can they jump on beds to cuddle with you, but also have been known to reach impressive heights during activities such as agility and lure coursing competitions.

Basset hounds have certain health considerations that must be taken into account. One important issue is the fragility of their joints and back – these dogs’ bones aren’t constructed to endure jumping from elevated surfaces.

While this may come as a disappointment for owners who enjoy playing with their Basset Hounds on the couch or bed, it’s essential for your pup’s long-term well-being that you avoid contributing to any wear on their joints or back.

Instead, it’s much better for your Basset Hound if you can provide them with lots of soft ground for running instead of giving them those tempting high surfaces to jump from.

How Do I Stop My Basset Hound From Jumping Up?

Training your basset hound not to jump up is an important task for pet parents. An effective way to do this is by quickly redirecting their behavior as soon as they start jumping up. Instead, provide an alternative behavior such as “sit” that you can give a reward for when they obey.

It will help ensure your basset hound knows which actions are more desirable behaviors than others, and it will help them learn to stay calmer in general as well. Additionally, providing physical activities that challenge both their body and mind can often be beneficial in decreasing exaggeration and undesired behaviors like jumping up.

Unlike other small-to-medium-sized dog breeds, this particular canine has long legs, a long back, and large feet – making it difficult to move quickly or land softly after leaping into the air.

This can be a huge problem if they misjudge the distance between themselves and whatever they are jumping towards. Not only can it cause serious injuries like dislocations, sprains, fractures, or cuts from torn skin, but imposing high-impact activities on their frame can even lead to hip dysplasia which manifests as extreme joint pain in adulthood.

To ensure that your basset stays safe in its prime years and free from sore joints later on in life, just keep them far away from couch cushions!

Basset Hounds Have Fragile Backs and Joints

Basset Hounds Have Fragile Backs and Joints
How High Can Basset Hounds Jump? (Answered!) 8

Basset hounds are actually more prone than any other breed of dog to back and joint injuries. Doing research on how fragile basset hound backs and joints are made me realize how bad jumping is for basset hounds.

Jumping can be simply a logistics problem for other dog breeds. For basset hounds, jumping can be a life-or-death situation. A Basset hound’s back and joints are extremely fragile. When they jump, extra pressure is put onto the back and joints, therefore, increasing the chance of hurting themselves. Then there is the increased chance of getting back problems such as IVDD (Inter-vertebral Disc Disease).

You should always keep your basset hound from straining or increasing the risk of damage to its back and joints. This means you have to discourage your basset hound from jumping down the stairs, jumping on and off the couch, and jumping on beds. Just tell them that it is bad for them.

Basset hounds love to play with children. They will spend all the energy they have. Playing may involve jumping on couches or jumping down the stairs. You should discourage this type of playing because during playtime they have twice the chance of getting injured.

Basset Hounds Are Not Bred To Jump

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How High Can Basset Hounds Jump? (Answered!) 9

While basset hounds are not good at jumping, they will try anyway. They are known to be stubborn and very independent dogs. Training them not to jump while they are still young will help their stubbornness to be tamed.

Simply, jumping is not in their DNA. They were originally bred to be hunting dogs. They were built with short legs and big bodies and are considered large dogs. Although their legs are strong, basset hounds are prone to getting overweight which puts additional pressure on the back and joints. While they were not bred for jumping, they were bred for hunting which requires athletic abilities.

Being bred for hunting gives you a superpower for solving problems. So, if your basset hound is on the porch and sees a rabbit or a fox running in your backyard, they might jump down if they see that option as the best solution.

This could be a big problem considering the fragility of their backs and joints. They might be large and strong dogs, but their backs and joints do not hold up to that standard.

Basset Hounds Can Jump Higher Than You’d Expect

I have had several experiences including jumping with my basset hound. Even though I told my basset hound that it is not okay to jump, if he sees a reason to, he will. Teach them all you want, they are very independent and even though they love you, they have a mind on their own.

This one time, I was sitting on my couch eating a slice of pizza. I had a full plate of pizza on the couch next to me. To be honest, I really didn’t want to feed my basset hound junk food but he had planned something different. I saw that he is about to jump on the couch and steal my pizza so I stood up. I am 6.5. As I was eating the pizza standing up, my basset hound jumped on the couch and from the couch, he jumped towards me and took my pizza.

He wanted my pizza. So, in his mind, he had a problem. The only solution was to jump from the couch and then towards me. This jump could end really badly for him. Luckily, he ended up with a slice of pizza and no back and joint injuries.

They will not think about their health. That task is left to you. Train them while they are still puppies that jumping is very bad.

Basset High-Risk Jumping Situations

Not all jumps will be bad for your basset hound. But, there are some situations that are very dangerous for their back and joints. Basset hounds are very prone to getting overweight. The fact that your basset hound is probably overweight, means that their backs and joints already have extra pressure. Add jumping on top of that and the risk of injury is very likely.

How To Stop Your Basset Hound From Jumping On People

Many basset hounds have a problem with jumping up on people. This is something that they should be trained out of. When it comes to basset hounds, any kind of jumping should be refrained from.

There is a technique that many dog trainers use to stop a basset hound from jumping on people. When your basset hound has its four paws on the ground, give them verbal praise. Then, give them rubs and even a treat. This will show them that it is good. Then, when your basset hound tries to jump on the couch or on you, give them a stern look and tell them ”No”.

To make yourself even more clear, you can show your basset hound that if he wants to jump on the bed or couch, he needs to wait to be assisted by you. So, how could you do this? Easy. Every time your basset hound jumps on the couch, let them know that was wrong. Then, get them on the ground and pick them up and put them on the couch. It’s even better if you can do this before they jump.

Like other commands, this process will take time. It is very important that your basset hound learns this because his health is in question.

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