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Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You

Are you looking to expand your family by getting a dog, If you happen to stumble upon basset hounds and you just wonder if a basset hound is a right dog for you, there is something that you need to know? Seeing a basset hound in public and petting him is the best feeling. But, will you be able to own a basset hound?

Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You

Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You
Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You 7

Basset Hound is the right fit for you if you are a very patient person that has a sedentary lifestyle which includes a lot of couch surfing and cuddling and is ready to overlook their stubbornness. These scent-driven dogs have a very independent character which will require you to adjust according to them.

Owning a basset hound can be a blessing or a curse. Let’s put it that way. If you want to get a basset hound, you will have to adapt to his needs, not the other way around. Basset hounds have their own personality and although they are cute and affectionate dogs, they just might not be the perfect fit for you

Deciding if a basset hound is a right dog for you involves weighing various factors. You should start by assessing your lifestyle, as basset hounds are known to be relatively inactive, with occasional bursts of playful energy. If you’re looking for an energetic, physically active pup, this type of dog may not be the best choice.

However, if you’re looking for a loving companion and lapdog, Basset’s low-key nature may be ideal. Additionally, think about your space. Do you have room for an adult basset? This is important; Basset Hounds prefer to stay indoors nearly all the time and enjoy being in their owner’s presence – they can become lonely without companionship.

Finally, you should consider how much time you can devote to your pup’s training and exercise needs. Although less aggressive than most breeds, Bassets do require guidance; proper socialization and regular exercise keep them relaxed and happy.

Should I Get a Boy or Girl Basset Hound?

Should I Get a Boy or Girl Basset Hound
Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You 8

You should get a female Basset Hound if you are looking for a more independent, playful, and affectionate toward family members type of pup. On the other hand, male Bassets require somewhat more attention from their owners, although they could be even more loyal and dedicated than their female counterpart.

Male and female basset hounds may look very similar, but there are a few distinct characteristics that differentiate the two. Male bassets tend to be bigger, with the male weight range being larger than the female range.

Additionally, their personalities can differ; male bassets can be more needy and aloof, while females tend to be more affectionate and eager to please. Also, males tend to have a louder howl or bark compared to their female counterparts.

Male and female basset hounds have some physical differences that may be apparent even to the untrained eye. The males of the breed are usually bigger, weighing an average of 65 lbs, while female basset hounds tip the scales at a more diminutive 60 lbs. A male’s height is between 12-15 inches, slightly higher than a female’s 11-14 inches in height.

Male basset hounds often have a thicker and more muscular neck and body than their smaller female counterparts. Another noticeable differnece between male and female basset hounds is the head shape – males will typically possess a wider and fuller face compared to females’.

Though both sexes possess droopy eyes and long ears, it is usually slightly more pronounced in the male of the breed.

The Basset Hound Is A Scent-Driven Dog

The Basset Hound Is A Scent-Driven Dog
Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You 9

These short-legged cute dogs called basset hounds are scent-driven dogs. They have the ability to pick up a scent from a long distance. If you are walking in the park and your basset hound starts running, that means that they have picked up a scent and they want to investigate. Their scent is the only thing that can make them take interest in something and run.

When the basset hound is nose-to-the-ground tracking a scent, their ears actually aid in smell, kicking up more smells for their nose to pick up.

These lazy dogs will be slow throughout the day. They will look tired like they just completed a 20-mile marathon. But, if they smell food from the kitchen or a rabbit outside, they will get up and sniff sniff sniff. Some basset hounds hunt rabbits even today, but most of them are used as family pets.

Basset Hounds Are Very Stubborn Dogs

Can Basset Hounds Eat Peanut Butter
Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You 10

Basset hound’s stubbornness dates back to their hunting days when they were dependent on their stubbornness to earn their place as hunting dogs. That personality trait hasn’t disappeared in the breed. With proper training, the basset hounds will obey your commands, but at their own slow pace.

While they are notoriously known for their stubbornness, basset hounds are very smart dogs. Their intellect spikes when there is food involved, but there are some obstacles to getting to it. I mean, what do you expect from a dog that was bred to be left alone in the woods and come back with a rabbit or a fox? They were bred to be independent and had to rely on their stubbornness to be successful in hunting.

The key to dealing with basset hound’s stubbornness is to change the things you can and accept the things you cannot change.

Don’t get me wrong, the basset hounds will obey you, but at their own pace which is super slow. He will ignore you sometimes when you call him, but they will come running if you give them a treat. So, you really have to get smart and bribe your basset hound sometimes. This scent-driven dog will run away from you if he smells something interesting while out in the park. Their hunting instincts will kick in and for their own safety, you have to be very persistent and let them know that running away isn’t good.

Their Hidden Intellectual Side

The basset hounds were successful hunting dogs back in the day. To be a successful hunting dog, you have to be smart. Tracking and capturing an animal that made a run for its life requires intellect. What I want to say is that basset hounds are very smart dogs, but they tend to hide their intellectual side.

Don’t let their behavior confuse you, basset hounds are very smart dogs, but just choose to hide their intellectual side.

You have to be patient with them or they will drive you crazy. You will try to teach them something new and they will make it look like they don’t understand what you are trying to say. But in reality, they will understand you right away. They will just act like they don’t and will be all lazy and slow. You might think they are stupid, but trust me, they are too smart for their own good.

Basset Hounds Are Low-Energy Dogs

Basset Hounds Are Low-Energy Dogs
Is a Basset Hound The Right Fit For You 11

Basset hounds have a reputation for being low-energy dogs. If you are a fast-paced family that has hobbies like hiking or biking, a basset hound might not be the right dog for you. However, if you like lots of cuddles and someone to keep your couch warm, the basset hound is perfect for you.

Basset hounds really have two speeds only: Flash or Flat Basset. They tend to do everything slowly unless it is involving food. They were bred as hunting dogs where a lot of running and jumping was involved, but those days are long gone. Now the basset hounds have a relaxed lifestyle. They love couch surfing and eating snacks.

Patience Is Required When Owning a Basset Hound

If I have to choose the one thing that a basset hound owner needs to possess, it is patience. It takes patience to train this stubborn and independent dog and make them listen to you. Without patience, you won’t be able to enjoy the good sides that your basset hound can offer.

This type of breed enjoys couch surfing. They are great at cuddling and keeping your couch warm. But, you will enjoy the warm hugs only after you train your basset hound. You have to make them obedient or you will have a lot of trouble. You should start training your basset hound while he is still a puppy.

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