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Are Basset Hounds High Maintenance? (No)

For all of you out there who want to get a Basset hound, there is a question that all of you need to ask. ”Are Basset Hounds high maintenance?” If you never had a Basset hound before, and you want to get a dog that won’t break your bank account, or interfere with your lifestyle, here is what my 10-year experience can tell you.

Are Basset Hounds High Maintenance?

Are Basset Hounds High Maintenance
Are Basset Hounds High Maintenance? (No) 3

Basset Hounds are low-maintenance dogs because they require very little grooming and just a short daily walk will satisfy their exercise needs.

Basset hounds are very cute and affectionate dogs that a lot of people are happy to have. All of us, dog owners, want to give our dogs the best possible life. Sadly, not all of us are able to do that due to finances or an active lifestyle.

The thing with Basset hounds is that they are not high maintenance in all possible ways. They are prone to a lot of medical conditions because of their body build. The older they get, they suffer from joint issues, back problems, diabetes, and other health conditions. On the other hand, they are considered low maintenance because a simple walk around the block is perfectly fine for them.

A Basset hound is a perfect dog for you if you have an active lifestyle and don’t have a lot of time to spend walking your dog. Also, if you want to have a peaceful household, then rest assured that a Basset hound won’t run around your house and make a lot of noise. They like to sit back and chill on the couch.

Basset Hound Maintenance

Basset Hound Energy Levels – Low Maintenance

Basset Hound Intensity – Low Maintenance

Basset Hound Exercise Requirements – Low Maintenance

Basset Hound Trainability – Medium Maintenance

Basset Hound Tendency To Bark and Howl – High Maintenance

Basset Hound Separation Anxiety – High Maintenance

Basset Hound Amount of Shedding – High Maintenance

Basset Hound Drooling Potential – High Maintenance

Basset Hound General Health – High Maintenance

Basset Hound Vaccination Required – Medium Maintenance

Basset Hound Food Expenses – Medium Maintenance

Basset Hound Tolerates Cold Weather – Medium Maintenance

Basset Hounds Tolerates Hot Weather – Medium Maintenance

Basset Hound Adapts to Apartment Living – High Maintenance

Basset Hounds Adapts to House Living – Low Maintenance

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